We adapt more and more every day to the intensity of the human bond. Individuals are undeniably required to confide in a company that has an identity behind it. Although organizations may have had the ability to escape by simply sharing their items before, I think customers improve their ability to spot and block promotions, paid promotions and attempts to sell something. It is no longer enough to share your work, you need a brand identity!

One of the greatest things I have seen this year is the evolution towards more authenticity and powerlessness on the Web and, as a result, a greater depth of the associations we make with our customers, our customers and our devotees. If you really need to move people from simple enthusiasts to real fans, this is the perfect opportunity to focus on creating a brand that offers more than what you need to offer.

Pictures of you

Need to know something crazy? The best messages from the vast majority of them are pictures of themselves, not their work. Isn’t it beautiful? I hope that with the ultimate goal for individuals to really interact with the work you do, the first need to know, trust and understand the creator.

The more you let people into your life, the more they feel that you are a real human being, not just an attempt to sell something. When you can transform yourself into a unique face, you will begin to feel more like a companion and less like an advertiser. Venture out of your usual field of familiarity and before the focus and smile… since individuals will do gaga for you.

Sharpen your voice

If we agreed, how could you converse with me? It would probably be easy to live with, fun and it would influence me to feel good – as if we had known each other for a very long time. Anyway, somehow, when we go sorting or discussing the items we offer or the administrations we offer, we all get wet and look like an unbalanced TV ad that individuals have to keep quiet.

It is because of conventional advertising convinced that we must be formal, keeping in mind the ultimate objective of being considered essential and that, with a specific final objective to offer, we need to always launch rather than have important discussions. This is an excellent opportunity to focus on how you talk to your companions and start using the same voice in line with the goal of being more receptive, and your voice emerges in the ocean of pitch advertising.

Behind the scenes show

I know, I know, it’s super not fabulous, but instead, people love to imagine you working, your life. I have never considered the house in which I lived or the outings I made when you make a real brand (not just a company) people get put resources into YOU and it doesn’t just make bad will, it also gives you a chance to tell an important story in your flow, your messages, and on the web.

Whether you share a crude Instagram story or display a little off-camera enchantment of what you do, you will have the ability to cultivate more association and give people the impression that they are being allowed to participate in the process. (If you ask yourself the question: yes, I posted the loveseat with which I am doing this post and the individuals LOVED it!

Authentic – Perfect

Don’t you feel that everyone else has the perfect picture to idealize food/life/closet/home and you think about how your wreck could turn into a meaningful message? Believe it or not, overall, we vibrate in the same way. One of the greatest exercises I have mastered in leading an individual brand is that individuals aspire to authenticity (especially at the age of several days and where everything seems so consumed!

Although I am not more particular about designing pretty pictures or repairing a beautiful corner of my house, I also don’t hesitate to discuss what is authentic – not just what is on the reel. Becoming a little powerless makes you, even more, a human being and more reliable and gives people the chance to say “me as well as possible”. You can’t expect to make the association exclusively from what you offer, so having contact points that make you a real human being behind the screen.


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