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Travel Insurance

  • Non Valid Reasons People Give For Not Buying Travel Insurance by Graham S Doyle

    So many people think it is unimportant to get travel insurance and use plenty of excuses for not buying it. There is really no valid reason for not buying travel insurance when travelling abroad these days and it is more important than ever before that you have it in place. Crime abroad is on the increase and with so many previously relatively unheard of weather conditions and natural disasters occurring more frequently, it is essential to be covered while you are away from home.


  • Going Skiing? Remember to Stretch and Take Out Ski Insurance by Jean Andrews

    Every ski season it is the same - thousands of skiers and boarders sustain injuries on the slopes. Sadly, many skiers find themselves having to stretch their holiday budget to pay for unexpected medical care, and bitterly regret not having bothered to take out ski insurance! No matter how good a skier you are, or think you are, accidents can and do happen. Without insurance a ski accident could set you back many thousands - and no one else is going to pay those costs for you!


  • Holiday Travel Insurance For Your Worry-Free Trip by Ljiljana Anicic

    You wait all year long, like most people, for those few weeks to relax and have the best time possible, meet new people, get some unforgettable experiences. You have decided that your holiday will be perfect and you did everything that you think is necessary to plan it to the detail. There are so many things that can go wrong from the start without even getting there, through it and on the way back home. That's why you should be insured so situations like canceled trip, illness, baggage loss and so on will find you prepared. Purchasing holiday travel insurance could save you from a lot of money related troubles.


  • Even Cheap Holiday Insurance May Give You the Coverage You Need by Karen Bellmont

    At some point next year you will be arranging to take your family on vacation. However, what you shouldn't be tempted to do is avoid taking out some form of holiday insurance just because you think it costs too much or a waste of money. By going online you can find some great deals which means in turn that you are able to get cheap holiday insurance for the whole family.


  • The Different Types of Travel Insurance by Isabel Cochea

    Travel insurance is becoming popular with travelers looking to minimize worry and financial risk. You shouldn't travel unprotected, but keep in mind that not all travel insurance is for everyone.


  • Travel Insurance is a Worthwhile Expense by Geoff Jones

    A healthy retirement with a good pension is the dream for many people, along with the chance to travel. Don't forget your travel insurance for peace of mind.


  • Cheap Worldwide Travel Insurance by Karen Bellmont

    So you have your destinations picked, your vaccinations booked and your bags almost packed. But have you arranged your cheap worldwide travel insurance yet?


  • Are You Sure You Do Not Require Travel Insurance? by Jackson Alan

    Just as the title asks, "Are you sure you do not require travel insurance?" A very high percentage of people in the world today would immediately answer, "Yes, I do not require travel insurance" without giving much thought to it.


  • Prevent From Being Scammed When Obtaining Travel Insurance by Jackson Alan

    Very often, people do not get insurance for two main reasons. The first reason is they do not think that it is needed. This assumption however is very wrong. People do not realize that travel insurance will be the one and only solution that can get them out of disasters such as high costs for medical treatment, lost of luggage, etc. The second reason is they feel that travel insurance is a scam and not a benefit. Yes, it is true that many insurance companies scam customers and coverage is not provided according to their needs. Although this occurs, it should not be the reason for people not to get travel insurance whenever going for a trip.


  • Going to Australia? Backpacker's Insurance is a Must by John Micro

    Planning to go to Australia for holidays? Have you got your Backpacker insurance done? Well backpacker insurance is a kind of an insurance specially meant for those people who either visit any country often or intend to stay abroad for a long time.


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