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Travel Insurance

  • How to Get the Best Travel Insurance Policy by Graham S Doyle

    It is much easier these days to purchase travel insurance for a trip abroad. You are no longer obligated to buy travel insurance from the travel agent, especially since the dawn of the internet. The internet brought with it a host of opportunities for those wanting to travel to places far and wide. And now access to insurance companies is so much easier than before. You no longer have to trawl through the phone book to look for an insurance company's phone number as all the information is right there to hand if you know where to look.


  • What to Know Before Buying Travel Insurance by Graham S Doyle

    It is more and more important these days to ensure that you have adequate travel insurance before you take your trip abroad. You not only have to worry about being covered for sickness and accidents as well as loss of valuables etc but these days, crimes are on the up in many countries as well as terrorist attacks and other previously unheard of events. Instead of travel insurance being a comfort it is now becoming a necessary part of the cost of your holiday. But there are a few things you should know before buying your policy.


  • Insure Yourself Against the Airlines! by Patrick Chong

    With the airline industry in chronic instability, it is more important than ever to get travel insurance before you fly. Learn more about how travel insurance can protect you from the airlines.


  • Why Travel Insurance is Important For Students by Graham S Doyle

    Many students travel around the world each year to study or to take some time out and visit other countries. Students traditionally do not have large sums of money so it is important for them to be covered by travel insurance. Students cannot afford to lose money, luggage or to have to pay out for medical treatment should they fall ill while travelling. If they want to ensure that they are not liable for any unexpected expenses which could occur, it is necessary to be adequately insured for travel.


  • Travel Insurance For Those With Pre-Existing Conditions by Graham S Doyle

    If you have a pre-existing condition, you should think about getting a travel insurance package which will cover you for this condition as well as anything else which could occur. All too often, people who try to claim for medical expenses will find that the insurance company will not pay out due to a pre-existing condition which is not even what you are claiming for. Three types of travel insurance which could cover you for pre-existing conditions are total pre-existing condition cover, limited travel insurance cover and long term cover.


  • How Travel Insurance Can Help With Lost Luggage by Graham S Doyle

    Believe it or not, an average of one in every 150 people will not arrive at their destination along with their luggage when they travel! This can be frustrating for the person whose belongings have gone astray, especially if they are only away for a night or two. Although approximately 85 per cent of these bags are recovered and sent back to the rightful owner within 48 hours, this may not be of any comfort if you are only away for one or two nights and urgently require the contents of your bags.


  • When is the Best Time to Buy Your Travel Insurance? by Graham S Doyle

    It is probably best to purchase your travel insurance as soon as you have booked your holiday. Leaving it until the last minute can leave you with the chance that you may forget to get it and also it can take a few days for the policy to be put into place by the insurance company. You do not want to risk not being covered as soon as you head off for your dream holiday.


  • Travel Insurance For Skiing Or Snowboarding Holidays by Graham S Doyle

    Obviously some holidays and activities will be riskier than others. The risks involved in skiing and snowboarding far outweigh a relaxing holiday on the beach. This is why it is more expensive to get travel insurance for a holiday in which you plan to partake in winter sports. A lot of people however, are continuing to head off on their skiing or snowboarding holidays without adequate travel insurance. By leaving themselves unprotected, they could be facing huge medical bills if anything were to happen while they were away.


  • Travel Insurance For Senior Citizens by Graham S Doyle

    A lot of people will want to go travelling once they retire. Now that they do not have the rigidity of a job to worry about, they can go and see the world as and when they please. However, it is vitally important for senior citizens to have adequate travel insurance when they head off on their travels. It is obvious that the older you are, the higher the risks involved in getting travel cover and the higher the cost but nevertheless it is an important purchase to make when going away from home. A suitable travel insurance plan for an old aged pensioner should cover for sickness, accidents, loss of luggage, theft or even death.


  • Travel Tips - Travel Insurance by Byron Smith

    Most likely, your vacation plans will go down without incident and you will have a memorable, exciting experience. However, many people now choose to have a backup plan in place just in case the unexpected happens and their travel plans are disrupted.


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