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Travel Insurance

  • The Holes in Your Policy - The Curse of the Comparison Sites by Jack Rosenbloom

    Nowadays, the trend of consulting a comparison site before purchasing a travel policy is having a seriously unhealthy effect on the market. When they began, the comparison sites just searched on price, but now most will show the price plus 'key features', which normally mean the amount of medical cover, cancellation cover, baggage cover and maybe a couple of other items. The consumer is bound to look for the company offering the highest medical sum for the lowest price - and if the amount shown for baggage is 100 higher than the next best that will probably swing the deal.


  • Before You Buy Travel Insurance - Do This! by Mark V James

    Before you buy travel insurance, you need to have done some initial planning for your trip. There are a number of factors that affect the type of travel insurance you will require and how much it is going to cost you. Have as much information on hand as possible so that your Australian travel insurance company will be able to provide a robust travel insurance quote. Although you can buy travel insurance right up to the day before you leave, it is better to arrange your travel insurance in good time before your departure.


  • Need For Travel Insurance by Simon Johnnson

    Traveling insurance is something that is as important as the tickets that you cut to your destination. There are many people who undermine the importance of insurance. But it is also a fact that numerous individuals have suffered immensely because of not having insurance of travel. In order to ensure that you do not ruin your entire trip and repent later, it is best to find out all about travel insurance and getting it done.


  • Back to the Future - Travelling Home by Patrick Chong

    Back to the Future would be very a different film if Marty McFly had been equipped with a little cheap travel insurance. Marty takes a trip to the unfamiliar world of 1955 and his entire existence is thrown into danger as he tries to contrive a way home to 1985. We can use his story to demonstrate how useful travel insurance can be when you encounter 'mild peril' on your journeys.


  • Travel Insurance When You Are Older by Overt Savontee

    Let's face it, the current generation of silver surfers expect more from life. They are internet savvy and those that have saved all their lives now want to see the world and enjoy themselves.


  • Travel Insurance - Importance and Benefits by Suddhadeb Chakraborti

    Travel insurance is an insurance plan specially designed for travellers. It protects a traveller from certain unforeseen problems. In plain phrases, travel insurance guarantees a safe a convenient travel.


  • Taking Care of Travel Insurance by David Davies

    Whilst this time of year most of us are thinking about our central heating bills and whether we need to invest in a few more pairs of woolly tights and thick jumpers, there will be a lucky few who can afford to take a sunny holiday. Those of you defying the credit crunch and making the most of low travel costs while they remain as they are should nevertheless play it safe.


  • When Mother Nature Strikes - Ensuring Your Travel Insurance Coverage by Hugh McInnes

    Most Australians are bitten by the travel bug at an early age, but investigating the perils of travel and the necessity of purchasing insurance is sometimes overlooked in the excitement of planning a trip. The most important thing for both first-time and seasoned travelers to do is to 1) check with the Australian Government's travel advisory service and 2) consult with a reputable travel insurance agent and make sure you're covered.


  • Enter a Foreign Country With the Protection You Need by Adriana Noton

    Accidents can happen, whether you are 5 or 5000 miles away from home. When visiting a foreign country, it is important that you are protected. One method of protection when traveling abroad is purchasing travel insurance prior to embarking on your journey.


  • Travel Insurance For Seniors Becoming More Readily Available by Tony Page

    For the over 50 age group, travel insurance has always been a big headache due to the limited market. Things are now opening up for older people.


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