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Travel Insurance

  • Buy Travel Insurance - To Do it Or Not to Do It? by Richard M Bryant

    Zipping back and forth across the Tasman and popping up to Asia occasionally, we had never ventured out of the country with out Travel Insurance. Insurance had always conjured up images of tall concrete sky scrapers totally owned by 'The Insurance Companies' financed by my humble contributions. It's called 'Peace of Mind' by some, whilst others referred to it as 'The White Mans Plague'.


  • Travel Insurance - Safety Versus Savings by Shanda Harper

    Trips are always less expensive without travel insurance, however, there are times when you should strongly consider adding some protection to your travel plans. From auto insurance in foreign lands to protecting your trip dates, this article will help you determine when to consider buying travel insurance.


  • UK Travel Disasters - Make Sure You're Insured! by Patrick Chong

    With 'staycationing' increasingly popular while the economy recovers, plenty of UK residents are taking their holidays in the British Isles. It not only costs less, but has the added benefit of safety, with less chance of crime or natural disaster than most holiday destinations. It's easy to feel safe on a 'staycation', and tempting to go on holiday without UK travel insurance.


  • Counting the Cost - The Bills You Face If You Travel Uninsured by Patrick Chong

    Tempted to miss out on your travel insurance? Learn more about the costs you could face if you travel abroad uninsured.


  • Journey to the Moon by Patrick Chong

    The time is upon us when the first civilian journeys into space are on the not to distant horizon. And with Virgin Galactic already having sold out of tickets for their first (as yet unscheduled) flight, it appears there is going to be no shortage of people willing to shell out the minimum $200,000 ticket price. Amongst all the excitement of preparation however, these first space tourists have to face up to a serious issue - travel insurance.


  • Cheap Worldwide Travel Insurance - 2 Tips to Help You Get Cheaper Travel Insurance by Karen Bellmont

    We all like to take vacations so that we can get away and relax from the hectic lives we lead. But along with arranging your accommodation and travel it is important that you arrange insurance cover for your vacation as well. Today when it comes to finding cheap worldwide travel insurance the internet has made this process a whole lot easier.


  • When Trip Cancellation Insurance Comes in Handy by Jamy Wilson

    Gone are the days when people were of the view that there is no use of taking out an insurance policy. Now, people are conscious about the fact that insurance policies help them stay away from facing bigger issues. But, it is important to mention that now people have move beyond the simple options of health and medical insurance.


  • A Couple of Questions About Trip Cancellation Insurance by Jamy Wilson

    On a seemingly perfect trip, things can go wrong without giving a warning sign. If you're excited about spending your honeymoon on a western Caribbean cruise, you may experience all things coming to an unceremonious end.


  • Buy Trip Cancellation Insurance Only After Considering Terms and Conditions by Jamy Wilson

    Everyone likes to live a comfortable life and that's when insurance policies lend a helping hand. Due to the benefits associated with these insurance plans, more and more people are now opting for some sort of insurance product.


  • Get Trip Cancellation Insurance to Protect Your Investment by Jamy Wilson

    Just have a look at the world around you and it will be surprising to see the number of people with some sort of insurance policy. There was a time when people were not completely aware of the benefits that are associated with health insurance, but now things have changed to a remarkable extent.


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