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Travel Insurance

  • Should You Buy Traveler's Insurance? Two Important Things That You Need to Know to Spot a Good Deal by Henry Fleet

    A new scam is rocking Florida and those who are looking at perhaps making it a vacation destination. In recent years, this scam has evolved, growing more and more convincing and robbing people of their hard earned money.


  • Three Key Things You Need to Know When Buying Travel Insurance by Henry Fleet

    Knowing a few key things about what to look for in a traveler's insurance policy can prevent you from purchasing a plan that just won't cover you in the event of an emergency. These fraudsters are becoming better at going about their business undetected until it is much too late, so arming yourself with things you can do to prevent being scammed is the best way to keep yourself from dealing with a mess.


  • Travel Insurance For Students by Jackson Alan

    Each year during the new intake for universities, a large number of students will be flying across the globe for higher studies and generally, students do not have a lot of money. Because of that, they cannot afford to lose their personal belongings, especially their luggage while traveling.


  • The 101 in Travel Insurance by Danny Lau

    Most of us like to travel, experiencing the new sites and sounds of a particular destination as well as understanding new culture. However when we are planning our dream vacation the last thing that we think about is insurance.


  • Valid Reasons For Purchasing Travel Insurance by Jackson Alan

    There are many reasons for people to travel. Some travel for pleasure while others for business. And there are also those who travel abroad to further their studies. Wherever their destinations are, they should be aware of the benefits of travel insurance. The smart way to travel is to be protected from any unforeseen and unexpected misfortune.


  • Travel Insurance - A Must For All Ages! by Jackson Alan

    In this generation, majority of people are very careful about unforeseen happenings. They try their best to make alternate arrangements just for safety precautions. Well, the same goes for traveling. Majority would opt for travel insurance as a form of protection against the unexpected events but there are still some minority groups who feel that they should not invest or incur anymore expenses for travel insurance after spending so much money on flight tickets and accommodation plus holiday tours.


  • What Could Go Wrong Without Travel Insurance? by Jackson Alan

    Many of you would have gone through travel articles, wondering to yourself if travel insurance is a necessity or not. And after some thoughts, you may conclude that you do not really need it. After all, what are the chances of being caught in a predicament whereby you need travel insurance? You may even ask this question, "What could possibly go wrong without travel insurance?" Now, before I proceed to discuss further about travel insurance, allow me to give you a scenario where everything goes wrong without travel insurance.


  • How to Select the Right Travel Insurance Plan For Yourself? by Jackson Alan

    Before I share certain tips and ways to select the right travel insurance, let me answer the question that is still bothering you. "Do I need travel insurance?"


  • Cheapest Ski Insurance Plans by Ricky Lim

    Being a regular on the slopes has an advantage. You know how important a ski insurance plan is. Times like these, you have to be practical so if you can get the cheapest ski insurance available out there, you make it possible.


  • What Do You Know of Travel Insurance? by Jackson Alan

    What exactly is travel insurance? Allow me to explain the meaning of travel insurance in the simplest way. Travel insurance is a type of investment which is specially designed to give protection against unforeseen and unexpected misfortunes that befall on you during your vacation. At the same time, it gives you and your family peace of mind and a worry-free holiday as it protects your belongings, health and finances. Well, that sums up the explanation of travel insurance.


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