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Travel Insurance

  • How to Find Cheap Travel Insurance For Backpackers by Celine Yong

    Backpackers tend to spend a lot of time at remote places, train stations and bus terminals. There are times they may face a greater risk of illness, injury or even robberies. It would therefore be prudent to buy backpackers travel insurance before leaving for your backpacking holiday. This article shows you ways to find cheap but reliable travel insurance for backpackers.


  • Golf Travel Insurance - Is it Worth it? by Ryan Dalli

    We all love playing golf and if like me, your ideal holiday will be spent on foreign shores trying to improve your golf swing in the sunshine. Many of us may already have taken golf insurance to cover the cost of replacing our expensive clubs whilst travelling overseas, but what about taking out travel insurance for ourselves?


  • Travel Insurance and Swine Flu - Are You Afraid to Travel? by Jean Andrews

    Are you afraid to travel because of the fear of catching swine flu? There are valid concerns to be considered, but if you take sensible precautions there is no reason why you should stop enjoying your overseas travel and holidays...


  • Holiday Travel Insurance - Simple Advice For Your Peace of Mind by Jennifer Hadlow

    We all look forward to our annual foreign holiday and spend an awfully long time choosing our resort and accommodation. However, although we all know the importance of travel insurance we spend a tiny amount of time in comparison checking we buy the correct medical insurance cover. Firstly, although it is very convenient to book everything with the tour operator you would be wise to shop around for your cover.


  • Travel Insurance Advice For Older People Travelling Abroad by Tony Page

    Travel insurance for older people can be real challenge. This is despite them having paid into health care schemes in their own country. However there are steps they can take to protect themselves abroad.


  • Travel Insurance Can Keep Your Dream Vacation From Turning Into a Nightmare by Brian W. Thacker

    When people travel overseas, there are a lot of things to think about. Is the currency different? Is the language different? What is the weather going to be like? All of these things are important considerations when you travel. But another often overlooked consideration is your medical insurance.


  • Travel Safe With Travel Car Insurance by Albertin Abelmont

    Hectic lifestyles leave little room for the city dwellers to take rest or entertain themselves. For such people, traveling off and on can be real fun and a great means to refresh them.


  • Travel Insurance For Cruises - Peace of Mind Or Ripoff? by Lyn Cathey

    Buying travel insurance is like betting against yourself - not always the most satisfying thing to do. Plus, sellers of travel - especially cruise lines - too often position insurance as a 'must buy' - as if your sanity is in question if you decline. But, like other major trends in the travel industry, trip interruption & cancellation insurance is becoming unbundled; with new attractive, less expensive, customizable options. Read this article for the newest, most up-to-date developments.


  • Travel Insurance - Important Yet Often Overlooked! by Mark Alison

    Travel insurance quotes are often the last thing anyone thinks about when planning a trip. When making plans for business travel, family vacations, or traveling for on visits, most people are preoccupied with their itinerary, packing, etc., and don't give much thought to insurance.


  • Cheap Backpacking Travel Insurance Package by Ricky Lim

    It is only practical to apply for backpacking travel insurance when you are embarking on such a journey. You never know what can happen when you're on foreign ground. It is better to have insurance and not need it, than need it but not have it.


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