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Travel Insurance - Important Yet Often Overlooked!

Author: Mark Alison

Travel insurance quotes are often the last thing anyone thinks about when planning a trip. When making plans for business travel, family vacations, or traveling for on visits, most people are preoccupied with their itinerary, packing, etc., and don't give much thought to insurance.

Few people consider the possibility of getting sick, injured, or even dying while away from home. But having travel medical insurance is a must, and so finding an appropriate travel insurance quote should be high on the "Trip To-Do's" list.

Too often a traveler will only consider getting insured when - and if - they're at an airport and see the kiosks offering trip insurance. As you can imagine, these are often the very worst deals one can find.

One of the best ways to get competitive travel insurance quotes is to go online. In most cases you can shop insurance companies, brokers, and quotes right from your PC. But as with anything else online, caution is advised. Use common sense, just as you would shopping for anything else, online or off.

You can determine the reliability of travel insurance offers by finding out who the underwriter is. This is the actual insurer that underwrites the plan. Most of the major, well-known insurance companies offer this type of coverage, so if you see a name you recognize, at least you'll know you're pretty safe should the need arise to file a claim.

Make sure you have the details of your trip on hand so you can select an appropriate plan. The cost, coverage, and liability for a business trip to a major city is going to be very different from the particular coverage and cost for a trip backpacking through Asia or a ski trip to the Andes mountains.

In many cases, if you are charging your trip on a major credit card, the credit card company either includes 'basic' travel insurance, or can offer it to you at a very competitive rate. American Express, for example, provides solid coverage either automatically included or for a low rate when you book your travel arrangements through their cards.

Banks are another good place to get insured. Many banks offer travel insurance, and if you have an account with a bank that does offer this, you might be able to get a very good package.

As with anything else, it's important to understand what you're buying, what you are getting, and what you aren't. Unfortunately, few people will actually read through an insurance policy as they can be difficult to understand, very tedious to read, and filled with terms, clauses, and language that isn't familiar to anyone outside the insurance industry.

If you know anyone who travels a lot, they might be able to offer you a recommendation. Again, use caution and common sense.

Make getting a travel insurance quote a part of any trip to-do list. Budget a little of your trip or travel expenses to pay for insurance. This is one of those things in life that are most regretted when they aren't done; and of course if you do need to travel insurance, once you need it it's too late to get it!

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