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Does Travel Insurance Cover Pre-Existing Medical Condition Check Ups?

Author: Steve Dasseos

What if you have a pre-existing medical condition and you have to get a check up or routine procedure done? Will a trip cancellation travel insurance plan cover this?

I know that residents from all over the world can buy travel / trip insurance plans. But this article's information will only apply to you if you're a US or Canadian resident. If you are a Non-US or non-Canadian resident, you should check with the travel insurance companies that are offered for the area you live in.

Assuming you live in the US or Canada, then the only way any medical condition (pre-existing or not) is covered is if something unexpected happens that causes you to seek "Emergency Treatment." Here's a common definition:

"Emergency Treatment means necessary medical treatment, including services and supplies, which must be performed during the Covered Trip due to the serious and acute nature of the Accidental Injury or Sickness."

By the way, this doesn't mean the sickness is accidental - just accidents are accidental. This also means that a routine check-up or any other routine procedure isn't covered.

But, let's say you have some pre-existing medical condition & it unexpectedly takes a turn for the worse. If, in the course of you seeking Emergency Treatment, the medical professionals treating you perform a check up or another procedure that's part of treating you, it will be covered.

Travel insurance plans don't cover everything. They're also known as "Named Perils" insurance plans. So, the only way you could possibly know what a travel insurance plan you're considering getting will cover is to look at its terms and conditions. You do not want to assume that "any reasonable situation" is covered. Nor do you want to make the mistake of assuming all travel insurance plans work the same way.

Steve Dasseos is the CEO of, the world's most informative travel insurance comparison website. You can compare reputable travel insurance plans, get person-to-person service & advice. Contact Steve here.

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