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Life Insurance

  • Buy Sell Agreement - Life Insurance Buy Sell Agreements For LLC Or Corporation Business Partners by James J. Robinson

    The first question most people have is what in the world is buy sell life insurance? In closely held businesses the death of one owner can cause a plethora of inconvenient issues to arise within the business. Depending on the deceased owners' estate planning, the remaining business partners could face a number of legal and financial hurdles.


  • Term vs Whole Life vs Universal Life Insurance - Compare Life Insurance For Your Best Buy! by Marilyn Katz

    Many consumers are confused about life insurance. The big questions is which life insurance policy would be the best one! Compare term life vs whole life vs universal life insurance the easy way, and then settle on the best life insurance to protection your family!


  • Monumental Life Insurance - A Company Worthy of Investment? by Nick Sanders

    There are so many life insurance companies out there to choose from nowadays that there are literally hundreds of different companies who offer life insurance. This is great as it gives people a variety and choice, and allows them to make a decision on the best possible supplier to meet their needs.


  • Everyone Wants Affordable Whole Life Insurance Quotes by Peter Crump

    Although term life insurance looks cheaper when you request free quotes, a whole life insurance quote can be well worth getting. With whole life you are covered for as long as you live and keep paying the premiums and the cost of the policy is stretched over a longer period of time, so you are actually paying less in monthly premiums. If you want to have a period of time when you don't have to pay any premiums, you can ask for your whole life quote to calculate the premiums to a certain age.


  • Is Your Life Insurance Company One of The Biggest? by Ian E. Wright

    Life insurance companies are the most profitable businesses these days. Moreover, companies selling policies are among the most influential corporations in the world. These well-known and biggest companies provide affordable policies that benefit consumers. Economical stability of the insurance industry helps these companies to make the most of the consumers' money with an attractive cash return.


  • It's Important to Compare Life Insurance Companies to Make Sure You're Not Getting a Raw Deal by Ryan Richardson

    Life insurance can be a very valuable investment but it's also important to compare life insurance companies to make sure you're getting good coverage from a quality company and that you're getting it at an affordable price. Here's how to make sure you're...


  • Why You Should Be Buying Last To Die Life Insurance by Jon Butt

    Heirs often inherit more than real estate property. They inherit an overwhelming amount of tax, as well. Sometimes, it can well reach fifty percent. Last to die insurance is especially made for this purpose


  • MetLife Insurance Company by Julie Shields

    The Metropolitan Life Insurance Company (MetLife), made famous by the Snoopy One (and now Snoopy Two) blimps that fly over sports stadiums, and the Peanuts Gang characters, after the late Charles M. Schultz received such good care from MetLife during an illness that he signed over the advertising trademark and copy rights of his characters to the company, was founded as the National Union Life and Limb Insurance Company in New York City in 1863. Today the company makes over $1 billion a year in profits and is one of the United States' largest financial institutions. The company's famous tagline is "Get Met. It Pays."


  • How Do I Calculate How Much Life Insurance I Need? by Tim Gorman

    Life insurance protects you and your family from economic hardship as a result of death. It is an insurance company¡¯s obligation to pay the recipient of your choice a pre-determined amount of money when you die in exchange for timely payment of premiums while you are living.


  • No Test Life Insurance - Is "No Physical Exam Whole Life" Really A Good Deal For Our Parents? by Joe Stewart

    No test life insurance is better known as "no physical exam whole life." This means that the life insurance company is willing to sell you a "Whole Life" insurance policy without requiring you to get a physical exam.


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