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Life Insurance

  • How Beneficiaries to Life Insurance Policies Can Locate Unclaimed Life Insurance by Maria Mbura

    Life insurance is usually purchased to protect against the loss of income in the event of the death of a policy holder. It is a good security for your family in case of death. You will find questions being raised by beneficiaries after they bury their deceased.


  • Family Service Life Insurance C What Sort of Life Insurance Policy Should I Get? by Mike Singh

    The majority of families would agree that life insurance is important although determining what policy to buy can be complicated. With the numerous choices available how can you determine what type of family life insurance is the best one for your family?


  • Whole Life Insurance Rate C Cash Value Benefits by Elizabeth Newberry

    Aside from the fact that a whole life insurance policy will insure you for the rest of your life, one of the main reasons people choose to purchase whole life insurance policies is because of the cash value they accumulate. If youre interested in having a life insurance policy that will not only provide financial assistance to your beneficiary in the event of your death, but will also provide you with financial assistance while youre still alive, you should look into your whole life insurance rate.


  • Universal Term Life Insurance Guide 101 by Mansi Aggarwal

    Universal term life insurance is a combo of term life insurance and universal life insurance. It is a kind of term life insurance. Term life insurance is insurance for a specific term period for instance from 5-30 years. Term life insurance is meant for people who have a financial liability such as a house t be insured. Term life insurance policy is of three kinds- universal term life insurance, one-year renewable term insurance policy and adjustable term life insurance.


  • The Actual Cost of Term Life Insurance by Bradley Steffens

    The Internet has lots of information about the benefits of life insurance, but few websites tell how much life insurance actually costs. Each year, however, surveys 25 leading insurance companies--those with A.M. Best Company ratings of A++ or A+, called "Superior," and those with ratings of A or A-, considered "Excellent"--to find the lowest rates available for level term life insurance by age and gender. The latest survey was taken on November 12, 2007 and published on the website three days later. The results were positive for consumers: The price of life insurance continues to decline.


  • Beneficiary Insurance Life Policies by Jason Gluckman

    A major issue in planning is who to name as beneficiaries on life insurance policies. The beneficiaries of a life insurance policy will generally receive the death benefit proceeds federal income tax free. A beneficiary is the one who receives the proceeds of a trust, retirement plan or life insurance policy. Most policies and plans will not directly transfer assets to minors until a trustee or a court approves a guardian. A trust may be a prudent beneficiary choice, if a surviving spouse cannot manage a large sum of money. It is of utmost important to name secondary beneficiaries. If an individual dies without a valid will then that state's law specifies the order of legal beneficiaries to whom assets are distributed. Most of us tend to name minors as our beneficiaries when we buy a policy. For their sake, minors cannot receive or control proceeds.


  • Mortgage Life Insurance Rates by Peter Emerson

    Mortgage life insurance leads can be a nice profit generator for any insurance agent. It is often used as a method by which individuals or groups of people can buy health insurance without paying the full value upfront. The mortgage life insurance leads are generated mainly through major search engines like Google, Yahoo or MSN. By putting the mortgage life insurance leads on such search engines, one can raise the most motivated prospects possible.


  • Advantages of Whole Life Insurance C Is It Better Than Term Life Insurance? by Elizabeth Newberry

    Many people know that whole life insurance policies are usually moreexpensive than term life insurance policies, and for this reason most people choose to purchase the less expensive term life insurance policies. However, despite the higher premiums you may pay for whole life insurance policies, there are several advantages of whole life insurance.


  • The Truth About Life Insurance by Dave Ramsey

    Myth: Cash value life insurance, like whole life, will help me retire wealthy. Truth: Cash value life insurance is one of the worst financial products available. Sadly, over 70% of the life insurance policies sold today are cash value policies. A cash value policy is an insurance product that packages insurance and savings together. Do not invest money in life insurance; the returns are horrible. Your insurance person will show you wonderful projections, but none of these policies perform as projected.


  • Family Life Insurance - Three Important Reasons You Need To Get It Right Away by Joe Stewart

    Some people are skeptical, or just plain don't take into account, the importance of having life insurance on every member of the family and not just the breadwinner. This type of thinking really makes no sense and, unfortunately, many people have had to learn the hard way by paying for their loved one's funeral expenses out of their pocket, when they least expect it.


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