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Getting Life Insurance Without Undergoing a Medical Examination

Author: J M Parsons

Some insurance companies still require insurance applicants to undergo a medical examination prior to insuring them. This largely depends on the type of insurance policy being applied for but there are many insurance companies today who don't require a medical exam prior to insuring them for a term life policy.

As with every insurance policy there will always be terms and conditions that have to be met.

The fact that a person considering taking out a term insurance policy has been asked to undergo a medical exam isn't always bad news. Sometimes having some defects (for want of a a better word) seen and examined by a Doctor prior to being insured can work in your favour. Sometimes, when we believe we have some problem that was diagnosed in childhood, can be much less of a problem in adulthood.

For example, I was never diagnosed with Rheumatic Fever but I was very ill at one time in my life and Rheumatic Fever was suspected but never proven. In my adult life I had to undergo a medical exam for a permanent Govt. position and the Medical Officer found I had a heart problem.

I went and saw a Cardiac specialist and underwent all the tests etc and it was diagnosed as a leaking valve. It didn't stop me from getting permanency with the Government job but because of it, I never considered I'd ever be able to get a any life insurance cover. A couple of years later I had another medical exam for a term life policy to cover me while my children were small and I passed it with flying colours as there was barely a murmur there. So if you are asked to go for a medical examination it may not be as bad as you think and could well work in your favour too.

But there are many insurance companies today who don't require you to undergo a medical exam prior to insuring you for a life policy but you must be very honest with them and not try to hide anything because if you do and it turns out to be significant, it could totally void any policy that you could have taken out with them, and been paying the premiums on for the past ten years! Not only do you lose the insurance money but you will have also lost ten years of premium payments. It's simply not in any body's interests to try to defraud any insurance company.

So if you find an insurance policy that you would like to take out with an insurance company, and there is no medical exam required, just be sure that you answer every question fully and truthfully so there can be absolutely no problem when it matures.

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