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General Insurance

  • Travel Trailer Insurance by Jennifer Bailey

    Even in family recreational activities like traveling with a trailer, safety is always your priority. Nothing can give you more peace of mind amid your camping or weekend vacations than knowing that your family, your property and the investment in your home on wheels (RVs) are secured and protected.


  • Pet Insurance - What To Look For by Nicholas Hunt

    Keeping a pet can work out to be expensive, not least if you need to see a vetinary surgeon. Pet insurance can cushion the cost of injury or illness, but what do you need to know before you choose a policy?


  • The Lowdown on Boat Insurance by Ethan K. Roberts

    So you have spotted your dreamboat, it is the one you absolutely must have. Once you have purchased your boat you will definitely want to consider boat insurance. While I'm sure you're aware that boat insurance exists, however, you may not be aware that there are various types of boat insurances available to you.


  • Why You Need An Umbrella Insurance Policy? by David Hunter

    You might have heard about Umbrella Insurance, but may be you do not exactly know what it means. It does not guarantee you to stay dry, while walking in the rain, but it provides an umbrella of almost everything that other traditional insurance policies do not.


  • Unemployment Mortgage Protection Insurance by Robert McKnight

    When economic times are uncertain, more and more people appreciate the value of unemployment mortgage protection insurance. Have you ever thought about how long you would be able to keep up with your financial obligations if you lost your job? Most families would not be able to manage for longer than a very short period of time without a steady pay check coming in.


  • Understand Your Insurance Contract by Joseph Kenny

    All insurance contracts are governed by the concept of 'offer and acceptance'. This requires you to fill the proposal form and send it to the insurance company. Sometimes you are also required to attach a check for the premium amount, with the proposal form.


  • What Does Oil Insurance Cover? by Mayoor Patel

    Oil insurance is a sector which covers a wide range of activities pertaining to the oil and energy industries.Some insurance companies specialize only in petroleum companiesĄŻ insurance management, whereas in some others, the oil industry is only a portion of their clientsĄŻ portfolios.


  • Business Life Insurance 12 - Advantages and Disadvantages of Common and Preferred Share Holders by Kyle J Norton

    As we mentioned in the previous article, we know that corporations generally are started by it's original shareholders who provide the start-up cash or assets in exchange for their shares. The corporation may eventually be owned by a large number of shareholders. There are 2 types of corporation shares: common shares and preferred shares. These shareholders have certain rights:


  • Understanding Insurance Contracts by Joseph Kenny

    Almost all of us will have taken out some sort of insurance. Whether it be car insurance, home insurance, health insurance or travel insurance to name just a few, we will all have paid over considerable sums of money to an insurance company in exchange for the peace of mind that comes with knowing that should disaster strike, you are insured. However, how many of us have fully understood the details of the agreement we are entering into?


  • Small Business Insurance: Do You and Your Subcontractors Need It? by Joshua Feinberg

    What Type of Small Business Insurance Do You Need? You should definitely have both a general liability as well as a professional liability policy for your services. That professional liability should have the errors and omissions insurance rider folded into it as part of your small business insurance coverage.


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