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General Insurance

  • Workmens Compensation Insurance and Your Business Future by Lance Winslow

    If you are a small business employer and even have only one employee then you better have workmen's compensation insurance, if you don't in some places you can be thrown in jail. Employees can get hurt anytime and you just never know what can happen. If they are on their way to work or on there way home your small business might be liable for some or all of their lost wages if they are injured. This is my view of the situation.


  • Umbrella Insurance for Greater Coverage by Joseph Kenny

    When the amount of a claim against you exceeds the coverage provided by your home or auto insurance policy, you are saddled with the prospect of settling this excess liability on your own. Your insurance company will not cushion you against this contingency. However, there is a way out. To overcome this eventuality, you can obtain an excess liability policy, or an umbrella policy.


  • Texas Flood Insurance - 8 Reasons Why by Glenn Lamb

    As a Houston, Texas Farmers insurance agent I frequently get questions about flood insurance. Here are eight reasons to consider getting flood insurance:


  • Insurance For Illegal Immigrants! by Russell Longcore

    Do you think that illegal immigrants should be able to buy auto insurance? New Mexico's legislature passed a law in 2003 that allows illegal immigrants to get driver's licenses so that the public would be safer. States regularly deny driver's licenses to foreign citizens no matter what there immigrant status is. Some states like California began tightening their requirements for driver's licenses, and many immigrants couldn't renew their licenses, and their car insurance was cancelled automatically.


  • Types of Long Term Care Insurance by Tim Gorman

    Regardless of what some people might think, medical insurance will not cover the expenses and services that long term care insurance covers. There are three types of long term care insurance. The first plan is the skilled nursing care. It has to be ordered by a physician and the patient must be able to fully recover form his or her illness or injuries. It involves a treatment plan, skilled therapy with a licensed therapist and nursing care.


  • Selling Your Insurance Agency Or Book of Business! by Joshua D Hadley

    I have been approached with this question so many times I am losing count. How much is my insurance practice or book of business worth? To answer this question I will draw upon my experience as a intermediary and bring to light some of the things to avoid when selling your insurance agency, or book of business.


  • Worksite Wellness by Cathy Aguirre

    Employers increasingly are realizing the value that worksite wellness programs deliver as an effective tool to improve employee health, increase productivity, reduce absenteeism and lower health care costs.


  • Laptop Insurance: The Vital Parts by Duncan Elliott

    Imagine if, for whatever reason, you were without your laptop. You need to do some work on it, or maybe some planning - you know why you need it. But you cannot. It is incredibly frustrating. Many people have been in this situation. Your laptop might be lost, stolen, damaged or just plain not working. How soon would it be before you are back with a functioning laptop, and how much is it going to cost you to get there?


  • Overhead and Profit Disputes in Property Claims by Russell Longcore

    If you do not know how to handle overhead and profit (OHP) issues in your insurance claim settlement, you could lose tens of thousands of dollars that you are entitled to collect. Yet, many policyholders find themselves forced to use savings or borrowed money to complete repairs. It should almost never be so.


  • Hacker Insurance For E-Commerce Business by Alexander Gordon

    Computer crimes or computer security breaches cost American companies a whopping $150 millions in lost revenues every year. This includes theft of information, sabotage of data or networks, system penetration by outsiders, abuse of internet access, spoofing, viruses, financial fraud, active wiretapping, unauthorized insider access and theft of laptops, etc.


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