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General Insurance

  • Insuring Your Jewelry - Is It Worth It? by Marc Ilgen

    Insuring your jewelry with a policy of its own is very much worthwhile considering that the coverage is quite broad and the premiums low. Even though homeowners insurance is supposed to have a jewelry insurance component built in, it is often found that covered jewelry is valued very low. When a claim does need to be made, a separate insurance policy yields better coverage.


  • Does My Business Need Workers' Compensation Coverage? by Mike Burgelin

    One of the questions many business owners face when they start a new business is whether they are required to carry workers' compensation insurance on the employees they hire. While most states vary in their rules and regulations regarding workers' compensation, let's take a look at Florida's workers' compensation guidelines.


  • Medi-Gap and Supplemental Insurance by Lance Winslow

    Does your medical insurance cover you completely? Most people are unaware of exactly how much their medical insurance covers and are often shocked to find that certain things are not covered after it is too late. One recommendation that is often given in medical insurance articles is to ask your insurance agent about Medi-Gap insurance or supplemental insurance.


  • What's the Difference Between a Medicare Supplement Policy and a Medicare Advantage Policy? by David Hecker

    Many people get confused between a Medicare Supplement and a Medicare Advantage policy. Many people think that they are the same thing, but they are not. A Supplement Policy will pay AFTER Medicare. Depending on the plan that you have chosen, it will pay the Part A Deductible (for the hospital) and possibly the Part B Deductible (for the doctor). It may then pay the 20% that medicare does not pay, and even possibly the extra 15% (Part B Excess Charges), if the doctor does not accept "Assignment" (the allowable charge by Medicare).


  • Principles of Insurance by Prerna Joneja

    Insurance is a cover used for protecting a person from the financial losses. Financial losses can take many forms. There are risks to our investments, liabilities for our actions, and risks to our ability to earn income. The insurer and the insured are the main two parties involved in insurance. The insurer is the insurance company which will provide the cover to the insured against any financial losses. The insured may be an individual person or a group of people like an employer, members of a society, etc.


  • Pet Insurance Horse Coverage by Michael Bens

    Many people board horses and often pay high expenses to cover the pets. Dogs, cats, and other household pets often go without care because the owners cannot afford to pay the medical treatment and medicines to care for the pets. Horses are more expensive than common pets, but the laws state that these creatures need medical treatment and vaccines, thus what can an owner do. Owners can take out pet insurance policies that will cover the pets 80/20 in most instances.


  • Workers Compensation - Who Really Pays For Your Loss by Patrick Nolan

    The Workers Compensation experience modification factor adds an element of risk financing to your restaurants workman's compensation insurance policy premium. Learn how your modification factor is developed and how your claims effect what you ultimately pay in premium.


  • Why an Individual Disability Insurance Policy Is Better Than Group LTD by Robert Cavanaugh

    Millions of people are insured by group long term disability plans. However, there are drawbacks to this coverage and situations where the policies will not pay. Unfortunately, many group plans do not pay for the type of disability that is most likely to occur. Theoretically, you are covered. But are you? Let's contrast some of the more important contract provisions in a group LTD plan and an individual policy. You can come to your own conclusion.


  • Why Boat Insurance Is A Necessity by John Edwardson

    Boat insurance is necessary for all boat owners who live on or really value their boats. If it is something that you feel you must replace then you need to insure it. If you live on your boat it is absolutely necessary that it be insured. Who would want to lose their home?


  • Increase Your New York Maternity Leave Pay by Applying For Short Term Disability Insurance by Kevin Haney

    How long can you pay your bills on $170 per week - before taxes? The New York area has the nation's highest cost of living, and some of the highest incomes to help pay those bills. While the New York State Short Term Disability Insurance is good to have should you miss work, it does not replace a significant percentage of most New Yorker's income.


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