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General Insurance

  • How Much Does Pet Insurance Cost? by George Sandler

    Most pet owners in the United States have not taken out insurance for pets, the reason for which remains a mystery. The average American has health insurance, we must be forgiven for not caring enough about our pets then? Many do not consider it an important issue, however, pet owners soon realize that evaluates the bills are expensive and not much treatment for them to enter into four figure bills. Over the last decade there were some areas that have experienced increases in price and professional vets are amongst them, this has meant that providers of insurance products for pets have also been forced to increase premiums.


  • Vision Insurance Providers Protect Your Eyes and Your Pocketbook by H M Brown

    Your eyes are important. Without your vision, you would be blind. Don't make the mistake of thinking that vision insurance only covers glasses. There are plenty of conditions you should be insured against. But, even if you never have a horrible disease, your vision coverage will provide you with eye prescriptions like glasses or contact lenses helping to reduce the costs you will have to endure yourself.


  • Equine Horse Insurance by Simon Hemmings

    Its estimated that in the UK the horse population is almost one million. Due to the greater value of horse compared to dogs, cat or other common pets and the fact that vet fees are greater too has made the UK equine insurance market is very competitive. Most horse owners will have some form of horse medical cover as a way to cover the high horse treatment fees.


  • Divorce Survival Tip Number 19 - Get Your Own Insurance Coverage by Ronald S Lasorsa

    Surviving divorce isn't just about legal fees, court documents and relationship challenges, it comes with several other obstacles that are often overlooked until the last minute. Take for example insurance coverage. Many people do not realize they need to replace the insurance coverage they had as a couple with individual policies.


  • Why You Need Motorboat Insurance by Ian Mcculloch

    Insuring your motorboat really is important. Although many of us are looking for ways to cut back on spending during this recession, do not stop paying for your insurance! During the past few years more and more people had the money to buy motorboats. So there are a lot of novice boaters handling powerful fast boats. Some of these boaters have taken to the water.


  • Pet Insurance Advice - 3 Tips to Keeping Your Pets Healthy and Happy on a Budget by Josh LaForet

    As a pet owner, the last thing you ever want to face is having to choose between keeping your pet alive and financial concerns. Unfortunately, that's a situation that millions of pet owners are finding themselves in each and every day because they lack the proper insurance coverage for their pets. This has happened because there's a lot of misinformation out there about the affordability of pet insurance.


  • Income Protection Insurance: A Boon for the Salaried Class by Darlene Kaitlin

    The main cause of worry for all salaried people is that what would become of their families if something unfortunate were to happen to them. People who are the sole breadwinners of the their families, especially have this tension about an uncertain future and the fate of their loved ones. The Income Protection Insurance or Permanent Health Insurance is aimed at relieving the tensions of people whose main source of livelihood is the fixed income that they bring home at the end of every month.


  • Why Jet Ski Insurance is Different by Ian Mcculloch

    Jet Ski Insurance is different in some ways to other types of boat insurance. As with all insurance you should be aware of what is being quoted to you in the form of cover. Personal Watercraft (PWC) or Jet Skis are very popular and are often seen around the coast not only at weekends but also on summer evenings. With the increase of these craft being used there is also an increase in the number of accidents. Collisions between jet skis and other boats happens on a regular basis. Many PWC users are new to boating and because these craft are fast over the water there is little time to avoid obstacles in their way. This is why...


  • Confused by Insurance Claims? by Derek Rogers

    So something has just happened to your home, and you need to file an insurance claim. It doesn't matter what. It could be fire damage, it could be water damage, or a tornado could have ripped through your living room while you were watching reruns of Doctor Who. Regardless, you need to get it taken care of, but once you called in your claim, something happened that was comparable to the disaster that preceded your claim: a whirlwind of confusion.


  • Three Reasons Why Income Protection Insurance May Be Useful by Jason Hulott

    If you have started to think about income protection insurance and why it may be useful to you then you may still be at the stage where you aren't quite sure why yet. This kind of insurance policy was established to help people if they lost their salary by giving them a replacement income. This may be useful in three ways.


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