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General Insurance

  • The Importance of Personal Liability Insurance by Bernard B.

    Personal liability insurance, also referred to as personal umbrella insurance, is another product we use to keep our assets in tact. Since we live in a litigious society, we believe that it's a good strategy to have an insurance policy that can withstand a financial blunder caused by a lawsuit.


  • Types of Disability Insurance by Michael Relvas

    There are two types of Disability insurance a person can have: Long-Term disability and Short-Term disability. Depending on your work situation, you may be eligible for both types of coverage through your employer in the form of a group plan. For those who are not provided these benefits at work, you are able to obtain both Short and Long-Term coverage directly through an insurance company on an individual basis.


  • Family Decision - Do You Really Need Long-Term-Care Insurance? by Gurhan Gary Demirkan

    The change in the family demographics due to severe economic changes for the past decade has created an extensive need for Long Term Care. Rather than focusing on the need for Long Term Care and Long Term Care Insurance, let's focus on the changes within our families which is actually one of the key causes of needing Long Term Care Insurance.


  • Insurance For Water Damage Will Help Save Your Property by Sam Barton

    Insurance for water damage in your home is often part of your general homeowners policy. Your insurance may cover losses that are due to a pipe that burst or an appliance that leaks, but may not if you are exposed to a flood, tornado or hurricane. For this kind of coverage you will need a separate policy. Unfortunately, many homeowners recognize this way too late. You can choose how much coverage you purchase, but do get the extra coverage.


  • Get Liability Insurance For Small Business by Ricky Lim

    Liability insurance for small business is a necessity in today's society. This kind of insurance protects small business from lawsuits involving any bodily injuries that took place within the premises of the business to customers, vendors, visitors, or employees and injuries sustained that were the results of actions or negligence of the business's employees.


  • How Insurance Fraud is Costing Everyone by Dominick Steadman

    An insurance con is produced when benefits are got from an insurance company after staging dishonest information. A typical example of a scam is when a false accident is reported or a person pretends to have lost an item. To raise the chances of gaining from an insurance claim, some people may decide lie about some of the facts presented.


  • 3 Myths About Buying Medical Insurance For Your Pets by Josh LaForet

    One of the worst feelings a pet owner can come across is having their pet become sick and they can't afford to pay for their medical care. With a routine visit to the veterinarian costing somewhere around $300, it's no wonder why people are struggling. However, this scenario could be prevented by having a pet medical insurance plan in place. Unfortunately there's a lot of misinformation about this type of insurance since it's relatively new to the market.


  • Compare Some Brokers Insurance on the Internet by Adriana N.

    When someone starts to talk about shopping for insurance, the normal reaction by people is not usually a flattering one. However, it is a necessity that must be done or the individual stands to suffer some very heavy economic losses. Luckily, today we can compare brokers on the Internet in just a few hours and find the right policies.


  • Insurance Probabilities by Sarah Martin

    All types of insurance probabilities are determined on an empirical basis. There are some chances of loss, however, which cannot be determined either by logic or from past experience. Unemployment is an example. Unemployment occurs with such a degree of irregularity that, as yet, no one has succeeded in working out a method of determining its future incidence.


  • The Commercial Cost of Flood Damage by Derek Rogers

    One of the top priorities of a businessperson with a store of their own is to make sure that the store premises are insured against any chance of flood damage. This is for the simple reason that a company or individual could well risk bankruptcy just down to damage caused to stock and equipment in a warehouse or office.


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