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Mobile Phone Insurance - Time to Protect Your Mobile Phone

Author: Shan Polluk

For protecting one's handset, a mobile phone insurance proves a good option. In addition of providing financial backup in case the handset gets lost, damaged etc., numbers of insurance policies provide coverage against other trivial things also including coverage against against fraudulent calls etc.

Mobile phones are now regarded as integral part of lives for people world over. Some of them have low cost cheap handset while few of us love to enjoy the luxury of having a costly technically superior mobile gimmick. Now, with the frequent usage, there always remain chances for mobile phone to get damage, lost, theft etc., however there are multiple factors which define the probability for a phone to meet such conditions with the major ones are:

The person using the phone which means that whether the person using the phone takes care of his phone or is a careless and gives his handset to others quite often.

The probability of a mobile phone meeting a theft largely depends upon the fact that what is the cost of handset; is it a costly technical gimmick or a cheap gadget? So, if you have a average mobile phone costing less then it means there are very less chances that your handset will be theft.

The conditions under the phone will largely be used in. If the users is from a profession such as miners, engineers, laborers, life savers on a beach etc.,for them there always remains higher possibility of getting the phones damaged.

In addition of the cost, it is also important to keep in mind the type of plan option associated with the phone (pay as you go or pay monthly deals).

So, in view of the above mentioned scenarios or circumstances which can lead the phone to get lost, damaged etc., it becomes highly imperative now a days to have good quality Mobile Phone Insurance in place. In UK, there are different avenues or sources to get a phone insurance at which include the network service providers (like Orange etc.) itself, and a large range of different third party phone insurance providers.

Before getting into a mobile insurance contract, it is advisable to have a clear understanding of different aspects of the policy document such as benefits provided, hidden costs (if any), conditions under which a claim can be made etc.

As far as the prime characteristics are concerned then plan option should clearly examined for numbers of crucial points which are: in case the phone gets lost or damaged, will there be cash provided or the phone would be replaced; if the phone will be replaced then what is the average time period under the same will be done. The next one is: in case of reclaim, will you be made liable to pay the excess amount and if yes, how much it would be (it has been seen that network service providers usually pays the excess amount in between of 15 Pounds or 25 Pounds; finally whether coverage against fraudulent calls is included in the deal package or not.

Coming on to the cost involved in getting a mobile phone insurance; as far as cost is concerned, the network service providers charge around 70 Pounds/year for a phone insurance irrespective of the real cost of handset, terming purchasing the mobile phone insurance from the network service provider a good option for people having costly phones with them.

The aforementioned article has been contributed by the Editor and publisher Shan Polluk of 3mobileshop. For more information on Mobile Phone Insurance with Mobile Phones in th UK visit our online mobile phone shop.

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