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Insurance Agent

  • How to Sell Insurance - 5 Effective Ways For Selling Insurance by Sean R Mize

    With the status of the global economy, it's becoming more and more challenging to convince people to spend their money on insurance. Most buyers these days will prioritize their mortgage and their primary needs. With this in mind, is it still possible to sell insurance and make money from this endeavor? The answer is yes! The key here is...


  • How to Get Insurance Leads For Insurance Agents in a Tough Economy by Vincent O'Gorman

    As an insurance agent you understand how important is to have insurance leads and how to get insurance leads because leads always generate more work and more income for yourself. Driving your sales in an upward motion relies heavily on insurance leads and how successful you are converting those leads into signed policies.


  • How to Sell Insurance - Easy Steps to Selling Insurance by Sean R Mize

    Here's how you can sell insurance without really breaking a sweat: Know your prospects. Before you go ahead and offer your insurance policies, I recommend that you get to know your prospects first.


  • Read This Before You Quit the Life Insurance Business by Mike Dowdy

    Advisers that have a large pipe line, cases in underwriting, and millions of dollars under management are not in need of a pep talk. These people spend their spare time doing something they enjoy. Wouldn't you rather be spending your time with your family, rather than listening to a long winded raw raw speech.


  • Annuity Seminars Don't Work? Wrong! 2 Common Mistakes in Holding Annuity Seminars by Ira Glasser

    Many annuity sales people think that seminars are too much work with little benefit. This is simply not true. Here are 2 mistakes that may be hindering your annuity seminar results.


  • Selling Analysis of Sales Prospecting Techniques & Suspect Marketing - Why Johnnie Can't Sell by Donald Yerke

    Marketing sales analysis reflects the improper use of sales prospecting techniques for selling clients. Sales agents like Johnnie are never given training prospecting techniques to find the right people to sell.


  • 20% Automatic Discount Car Insurance - Cheap Online Auto Insurance by Johnson Ettuhu

    Discount car insurance is available online for people who want to buy their insurance policy via the internet. You can earn for your self up to 20% discount by just buying your policy from a cheap auto insurance company.


  • Talk Radio Can Make You Rich by Mike Dowdy

    Build a fan base by advertising in the talk radio market. People only do business with people who have similar political and religious beliefs


  • Empathy - Taking You to New Heights in Insurance Business by Xoseph Chu

    If you can choose only one skill that helps you in insurance selling, probably you will choose mind reading skills where you have the ability to know what is going on in the mind of your insurance prospects. Unfortunately, there is no such skill available. The ability closest to being able to read the mind of your prospects is perhaps the ability to empathize with the customers.


  • Insurance Social Media Selling Connections - Start Using Internet Insurance Social Media Networking by Donald Yerke

    Insurance social media is over 100 years old. Using insurance social media networking on the Internet to increase sales connections is a natural selling technique. See why media networking has never been so easy or effective.


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