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Insurance Agent

  • How Top Captive Insurance Agents Get Their Agencies "Unstuck" by David Neuenschwander

    Every business owner and every insurance agent hits plateaus. How do the very best agents in the country respond and get their agencies on the grow again? Read this article to find out.


  • The Truth Behind Internet Leads by Mike Dowdy

    I am going to get in trouble for writing this article. I hope you find this article informative and make a lot of money off the information contained in it. There is not one lead company on the planet that generates their own leads.


  • Direct Insurance Company, Marketing Department, Or Independents - Who's the Best Value For Brokers? by Donald Yerke

    Brokers can write cases with a direct insurance company marketing department. An independent marketing department is also a viable brokerage source. The broker's best value with insurance company providers or independents is road mapped 10 directions in this report.


  • Captive Insurance Agents - How to Keep Clients in THIS Economy by David Neuenschwander

    Captive Insurance Agents face price constraints and "tied hands" that independent agents and price cutters don't. In this article they can learn how to keep clients despite rate hikes and "agent unfriendly" corporate moves.


  • Financial & Insurance Trade Magazine Publication News - Broker World Magazine Charms Brokers by Donald Yerke

    The quantity of financial and insurance trade magazine publications increases yearly. Broker World Magazine remains the premier insurance news magazine for independent brokers. See why independent brokers are loyal to Broker World insurance magazine for leading content news in the insurance and financial industry trades.


  • Trade Publications Are Your Ticket to the Million Dollar Round Table by Mike Dowdy

    Trade journals are and excellent tool to take your competitions client's right out of their own back yard. Trade journals can take you from broke to millionaire in no time flat.


  • Guaranteed Insurance Leads Marketing Tip Just Revealed For Direct Mail Prospecting Sales by Donald Yerke

    Here is a guaranteed insurance leads marketing tip just revealed. You set up a revolutionary direct mail prospecting method for sales increases. It involves connecting leads and marketing skills to combine to maximize results. See how this tested tip greatly increases your direct mail prospecting sales.


  • 8 Magic Words That Dramatically Increase Your Insurance Sales by Xoseph Chu

    Some magic words are just like spices that can make your presentation taste better. Used effectively and with the right kind of customers, these words can help you get the results you want.


  • Insurance Career Sales Training Results - I Crawled From the Grave Over Agent Bodies by Donald Yerke

    Insurance career sales training results are a never-ending nightmare. My insurance career training results were no exception. An untrained insurance manager expects magical sales results from career insurance agent trainees. This relentless training pattern I observed again and again. I was dressing like a professional and working like a slave without freedom.


  • Insurance Social Networking Review - Use a Social Network As a Top Local Lead Source by Donald Yerke

    Review any publication on insurance social networking and they reveal lead sources that are not new. A social network can reroute a new local lead source. Start socializing, using time wisely, and networking properly to develop a source for top leads.


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