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Insurance Agent

  • Professional Insurance Marketing Campaign - I Refuse to Tolerate Poor Planning Ideas by Donald Yerke

    Poor planning ideas for an insurance professional marketing campaign cannot be tolerated. While my opinions of your marketing and planning ideas might not matter, those of Internet searchers do. You might be an insurance professional but a traffic planning campaign to drive visitors to your site might be long overdue.


  • General Agents Insurance Company Report - Revisiting Midland National Life Insurance Company by Donald Yerke

    For decades, Midland National Life Insurance Company, has stood out as one the premier insurers for General Agents to represent. Due to recent economic financial fluctuations, revisiting Midland National Life in this report is critical.


  • 10 Insurance LinkedIn Groups - 100,000 Clients Waiting For Your Business Communication Skills by Donald Yerke

    Imagine 100,000 clients waiting to hear your insurance business communication skills. Just becoming a member of 10 LinkedIn Groups provides plentiful clients waiting to make business connections.


  • Top Insurance Consumers Sales Question Tip - Consumer Purchase Maker Exposed, 100% Accurate by Donald Yerke

    Insurance sales consumers often baffle agents as who is the purchase maker in the household. The method of getting this sales answer is by using the top consumer question, exposed in this article. Here is a 100% accurate tip to expand sales closing ratios.


  • Creative Insurance Marketing Websites - Permanent 100% Guaranteed Traffic Ranking Increases by Donald Yerke

    The price for designing creative insurance marketing websites without a guaranteed traffic clause starts at $1,000 and increases quickly. Without 100% permanent traffic boosting content these websites are useless. Find content ranking and trafficking techniques that permanently increase visitors.


  • Life Insurance Agents Opt-In Email List Mailing For Prospect Leads - Junk Emailing Gone Wild by Donald Yerke

    Life insurance agents opt-in email lists are in high demand. Insurance marketers want email list address mailings to find brokers and agents want to obtain prospect leads. Junk emailing gone wild is an understatement. There are thousands of insurance marketers thinking true life insurance agent...


  • Dallas Insurance Agencies & Fort Worth Brokers - Skilled, Top Texas Rated Agents by Donald Yerke

    Dallas insurance agencies and Fort Worth brokers are top rated. The state of Texas ranks third overall in reviewing the quality of skilled insurance agents. See why Dallas & Fort Worth brokers and agencies get the top city ranking.


  • Independent Insurance Brokers Salary Commissions - Offer 20% Or 200% Commission Increase? by Donald Yerke

    Most independent insurance brokers would bend over backwards for a 200% salary commission increase. See how and why a brokers salary income with total commissions increasing 20% is a better offer. Marketers are not very perceptive to what entices independent insurance brokers.


  • Equity-Indexed Annuity Sales - Seniors Retirement Savings Stability Burned, Any Steak Left? by Donald Yerke

    Seniors Retirement Savings placed into an equity-indexed annuity was burned. Do financial representatives have enough steak and credibility left to alter an equity-indexed annuity into safer senior retirement savings? With stability absent, should a senior's shaky annuity foundation still be indexed on an equity basis or changed?


  • Insurance Unit Mangers Training - Resist Insurance General Agency Manager Ethics by Donald Yerke

    Insurance Unit Managers face a deep internal ethics battle. They can give the insurance general agency manager results, although many oppose their personal ethics. See the explosive conflict of interest challenging insurance unit managers within an agency.


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