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Insurance Agent

  • Becoming A Life Insurance Agent by Alison Cole

    Life insurance involves a contract between the insurance company and the insured, which is bought by making regular periodic payments known as premium. These contracts are facilitated with the assistance of life insurance agents. They help their customers decide, the type of life insurance they would require - whole life or term life. Life insurance agents also help their clients find suitable rates for the kind of insurance policy they require. To become a life insurance agent, a person needs to be committed and willing to work hard for the leads.


  • California Health Insurance Brokers by Steve Valentino

    The world is moving at a very fast pace. People undergo a large amount of stress and pressure in order to sustain a high quality of life. As a result, some people face health problems at an early age. In such times, a good health insurance policy is very important to take care of the sudden expenses arising due to health problems. There are a lot of health insurance companies that offer health insurance plans for people of all ages. It can be a daunting experience to select an appropriate health plan from the myriad of insurance plans available in the market. Health insurance brokers are insurance agents who operate independently with several insurance companies to find the best types of health insurance policies for their clients.


  • Free Insurance Leads Can Cost You a Bundle by Gary Le Mon

    If you are looking to sign with an insurance marketing organization that offers free insurance leads and very little else, you need to keep looking. Here are the five most important question to ask before hitching your career to their carriers.


  • Five Power Closing Techniques for Insurance and Financial Advisors by Christee Fontanez

    So, you have made it through the prospecting game. You made your cold calls, sent out your mass mortgage mailers, invited people to your coffee-sponsored seminars, you qualified responders as being serious prospects and have set the appointment. Now what?


  • Insurance Appointment Setting - Telemarketing Insurance Agent Leads by Zachary Williamson

    Telemarketing insurance appointment setting for life, health and even auto insurance is simply the best way to generate insurance leads that close. Insurance agents nationwide are becoming aware of a service that will optimize their sales process and keep their pipeline full of hot new prospects. This article will prepare you for the task of employing just the right call center at a price that will render a very profitable return on your investment.


  • Selling Skills - No Objection Insurance Sales Presentation Example Revealed by Donald Yerke

    Imagine eliminating doubt or fear. Envision receiving no objections from your prospect. Here is the insurance sales presentation framework revealed to achieve these goals.


  • Cold Calling for Life Insurance Brokers by Lorne S. Marr

    Cold calling may be not the most time effective way to generate new leads, but it's still a skill that any professional insurance broker should master. Apply the tips below and watch your clientele grow!


  • How Do the Top Agents Generate Their Insurance Leads? by Todd M Erwin

    Insurance agents need to keep constant influx of quality insurance leads to make money, right? They have a desperate need for these leads to keep their business going and growing. While there are many successful agents who do not have any trouble finding good quality insurance leads, this just is not the case for agents that are just getting into the business.


  • Should a Final Expense Agent Be Pushy? by Joseph Haworth

    The best final expense agent or any sales associate, for that matter, is someone that listens and connects with their prospect. You have to show care and empathy and understand your customers needs before you can make a solid sale.


  • How to Be an Independent Final Expense Life Insurance Agent by Joseph Haworth

    There is a lot of money to be made being a Final Expense Life Insurance agent. However, most agents, especially new agents, don't really know what to do in order to make a lot of money in the Final Expense Insurance business. You have to have the right products from the right companies to fit everyone's needs; also, it's to your advantage to offer the best price. If you have these products in your bag, a great sales presentation and hot qualified leads to go visit, you will succeed in this business.


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