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Insurance Agent

  • Want More Annuity Sales Leads? Use a Pitch Book by Bill Broich

    A ¡°pitch book¡± is a short explanation about what you do as a salesperson and a brief insight into our industry and our products. My pitch book changes constantly as situations in the financial marketplace change but it is always the same. It tells the prospect about me and our industry. I like to keep it fresh and always in movement as situations evolve. This business is very competitive and keeping a pitch book fresh will have an impact on your ability to build relationship quickly.


  • Pre-Approach Letters Keeping You From Selling Insurance? by Cheryl Clausen

    Are you using pre-approach letters in an effort to secure appointments? How well are those letters working for you? If your results are less than you'd like this article will help you make some adjustments to those letters and improve your insurance sales results.


  • Reaping the Benefits of Owning an Insurance Agency Over Your Lifetime by Roger Bensman

    This article details the conduct of business by insurance agents, marketers, financial planners, and trusted advisors who have been in this business long enough to know that they are succeeding, that they enjoy it, and have crossed over into senior citizenship and are choosing to remain active, competent and engaged. There is an ever increasing number of us out there who are very much in the game. Some are full time, others are semi-retired, and there are still many who have voluntarily cut back to part-time practice.


  • Mortgage Protection Leads to Annuity Sales - Learn the Secrets by Bill Broich

    Most insurance agents know the basics of selling mortgage protection plans. Generally the choice is term insurance that will pay a future benefit in the event of the death or disability of a mortgage payer. It is simple and an easy need to be understood by the prospect.


  • Using Negative Advertising to Acquire Annuity Prospects by Bill Broich

    How do you buy toothpaste? Is it because Colgate protects you with fewer cavities or because Crest has been shown to be effective in preventing tooth decay? What about cars? GM has just the one for you however; Ford claims their car is rated higher than the others. Have you ever noticed that advertising is either negative or positive?


  • Selling Final Expense Insurance by John L Thomas

    Selling final expense insurance may be the easiest insurance sale for an agent. Traditional term, universal or whole life sales usually involve the following actions prior to collecting a commission.


  • How to Sell to Online Insurance Prospects by Teresa Kitchens

    Online leads for the insurance industry revolve around the concept that a prospect who is shopping for insurance submits their information to a website and that information is then sold to a number of insurance agents thus making sure that the prospect has a lot of options for insurance coverage and the agent has a prospect who is ready to buy insurance. This is a very beneficial business move for all involved.


  • Secret Insurance Selling Tips - Pizza Or Insurance Technique? by Donald Yerke

    Believe me this is an astonishing insurance technique that a sales person might call tricky, and highly unusual. The until now, never released secret insurance selling tips will provide the arsenal required so you may also implement this sales strategy.


  • Mortgage Protection Insurance Leads - The Great Secret to Annuity Sales by Bill Broich

    I have used this for years to find annuity prospects. For just a moment think about annuity sales and what comes to mind is the financial planner/estate planner/ certified senior advisor/ it just keeps going.


  • Sales Strategy Techniques - Closing Insurance Sales Fast by Donald Yerke

    An insurance sales agents struggles with hours of prospecting to obtain an interview presentation. An hour presentation, without a sale and loads of sweat is common. This article is for closers, Shown is how insurance sales reps can close fast and obtain more sales.


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