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Insurance Agent

  • Insurance Success Tips and Tricks - The Greatest Known No Pressure Sales Person by Donald Yerke

    Wow, what if you, as a sales person could start out with a bag of insurance success tips and tricks? If would be especially rewarding if it come make you a no pressure sales person. Find out some tricks to make selling insurance a relaxing and rewarding experience.


  • LeadZillons - Best Annuity Lead Program? by Gary Le Mon

    Looking for the best direct mail annuity lead program? Aren't we all? LeadZILLIONS is one possibility, or so say a nationwide majority of independent annuity agents. I've used LeadZILLIONS for more than 200 mail drops over the past fourteen months, and my statistics may surprise you.


  • Insurance Agents - Career Success Versus Survival by Donald Yerke

    What are the chances of new insurance agent success becoming a reality? Intense analysis of licensed Department Insurance agents records conclude that only 6% of agents survive slightly over 4.3 years. Examine the facts, and logical explanations why insurance sales agent retention and success stories are so grim.


  • 3 Steps to Increase Your Insurance Sales Results by Cheryl Clausen

    You can get better results than you are now. All it takes is three simple steps leading to better actions. You have a sales plan now, right? But if you arenĄ¯t getting the results you want there is something wrong with your plan that is keeping you from getting what you want.


  • Insurance Companies and Telephone Marketing by Elizabeth Newberry

    Have you ever wondered how insurance companies go about marketing their insurance policies? Aside from a company Web site, advertisements in the classifieds, and commercials? Many insurance companies get leads ¨C prospective clients ¨C by telephone marketing.


  • Insurance Mailers - 11 Best Mailing Tips & Top Writing Tricks by Donald Yerke

    You don't need a copywriter to prepare your insurance mailers for action and response. Right here you will receive 11 foolproof methods implementing the best mailing tips and top writing tricks for your insurance letter or prospect postcard.


  • Insurance Sales - Do You Have a Strategic Sales Action Plan? by Cheryl Clausen

    Do you want to shake up your sales results? It's time to rethink you're approach and come up with a plan that will produce results. A strategic sales action plan provides an implementable quantifiable path to significantly improve your results. Let's begin by identifying the key elements of a strategic sales action plan. The key elements of your strategic sales action plan include: the value you provide, your unique market position, your marketing plan, your sales plan, and your follow-up plan. Each element is critical, but you want to develop or review them in a specific order.


  • Top Tips For Selling Life Insurance by Julie Shields

    If you are considering selling life insurance, you're frankly someone special. It's a job for unsung heroes, and while it can potentially make a person a tremendous amount of money it can also break a person's soul. The rejection level from other people is fierce. You will often be compared to a lawyer--that is, called slime. You will have to face false accusations of having badly treated a person. Lawsuits. The works.


  • Insurance Marketing - Why Aren't These Sales Letters Working? by Cheryl Clausen

    You thought the fastest way to grow your business would be to buy a coaching program from a top insurance producer. You bought the entire marketing package, but you sure aren't getting the results the super producer did and you can't figure out how that can be.


  • Million Dollar Insurance Selling Techniques - Advice by Donald Yerke

    Wouldn't it be nice be in a profession where you could have a career earning millions of dollars? For most, it only is a pipe dream that never materializes. Here are insurance selling techniques that can make a career difference.


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