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Insurance Agent

  • The Path to Becoming an Insurance Agent by Jennifer Charleston

    Insurance Agents evaluate and assist clients in choosing insurance policies that provides coverage to meet their needs in case of a loss. Clients can be individuals, families, or businesses. To be a successful insurance agent, you should enjoy working closely with people, have the ability to create a calm environment from one that may be tense and stressful, have a positive attitude, possess good negotiating skills, be motivated, have computer and internet skills, and be comfortable with advising clients of the different insurance policies.


  • Insurance Marketing - Do Your Sales Letters Result in Solid Appointments? by Cheryl Clausen

    The whole idea behind marketing is to help you fill your appointment book with people who are very likely to do business with you. If your marketing isn't doing that for you stop wasting your money, and stop doing what your doing.


  • What Do I Do First to Sell Insurance? by Cheryl Clausen

    If you're a new producer you're all hyped up about how you're going to earn over $100,000 this year. You know almost nothing about what you're selling. And, you don't have a clue who you're going to sell it to beyond your list of 100.


  • How To Make A Deceitful Insurance Agent Email Blasting Service by Donald Yerke

    When it comes to insurance Email blasting, Insurance agent recruiters and marketers are rather easy to fool. With 13,700 firms in this category, enough of them think it's easy to get profits without spending a bundle of cash. Which sounds better? Emailing 100,000 agents for $2,000.00 or Mailing 100,000 agents for $50,000.00?


  • 100 Top National Insurance Companies Serving Employee Group Benefit Brokers by Donald Yerke

    Although this data is not 100% accurate, it is probably the most precise info available. Employee group benefit brokers need to know where to find the plans to fit their client needs. It is a well established fact that employers cannot handle the entire burden of providing a grocery list of benefits that their workers would like to have. As a result brokers are working with both the employee and his workforce. The worker is being given options of having additional coverages available with the convenience of premiums taken right from their paycheck. This is a win-win-win situation for the employer, the worker, and the agent.


  • 10 Little Known Insurance Leads - Annuity Leads Marketing Secrets to Double Your Income in 2007 by Russ Jones

    1. Failing to Market Your Insurance Business Effectively - This one is self-evident... or so we thought. The reality is 90-95% of all insurance agents with whom we speak aren't marketing at the level they can or should be, or just plain aren't marketing at all! Many agents are in a comfort mode where they are living or dying off the referrals they may accidentally stumble onto.


  • Accidental Damage Cover - An Important Part Of Your Home Contents Insurance by Best Deal Insurance

    Your home contents insurance could really come in handy if you suffer from an accident in your home which causes you to damage your possessions. While all policies doní»t provide the same type of cover, and the cover depends on how much you pay for your premium and also the type of cover you take, some items in your home can be covered for accidental damage.


  • Independent Insurance Brokerage Specialists - Skip Agents Cold Calls, Appointment Making by Donald Yerke

    Independent insurance brokerage specialists that visit prospects with preset appointment making are few and far between. The vast majority of client appointment making is started with agents cold calls. Find out more about these unusual insurance brokerage specialists.


  • Insurance Marketing - Are You Recession Proof? by Cheryl Clausen

    There are three approaches you can take if the forecast recession becomes a reality. You can watch it happen and allow it to determine your future, you can hunker down hoping to survive it, or you can develop a plan to grow because of the recession.


  • Mortgage Protection Insurance Leads... Easy Sales, But Are They Profitable? by Bill Broich

    Is there an easier sale than the mortgage protection sale? I doní»t think so and the reason is because of the perceived need on the part of the prospect. The prospect knows the amount of the mortgage and it becomes a need that needs to be protected. It is just as simple as that, perceived need.


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