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Top Tips For Selling Life Insurance

Author: Julie Shields

If you are considering selling life insurance, you're frankly someone special. It's a job for unsung heroes, and while it can potentially make a person a tremendous amount of money it can also break a person's soul. The rejection level from other people is fierce. You will often be compared to a lawyer--that is, called slime. You will have to face false accusations of having badly treated a person. Lawsuits. The works.

There are other things, wondrous benefits, of being the professional life insurance salesman, too. You have great flexibility in your work schedule. Within reason, you make your own destiny. You have the real possibility of making a six-figure income, and that possibility rests almost entirely with you--not with having to climb the corporate ladder. If you want to always be there for all of your child's field trips in school, take off all holidays and birthdays and Fridays and have all the three-day weekends you desire, selling life insurance is the career for you.

But when all is said and done, beyond the romance, you need to face reality: selling life insurance is draining. "No one has endurance like the man who sells insurance," they used to say. Those three day weekends are earned at a heavy price Monday through Thursday--long days and perhaps longer nights. Those extra holidays and day trips for your kids' school field trips all have to be paid for; and they are paid for by your intense, endless work during the other times.

Due to these factors, most life insurance agents don't make it. You see, it's far easier to pass the tests and get qualified as an agent than it is to actually do the selling--regardless of how great your company training program is.

The life insurance industry has a 98% turnover ratio. This means that nearly 100% of those who are in their first year of employment either quit or get fired (they usually quit). It's a hard business.

So, what are some of the tips you can use to stay in the business and perhaps make the big money and have the big lifestyle you have heard about?

First, pay attention to your clients. They are your lifeblood. You cannot screw over your clients and expect to be in business for all that long. You might--just might--make some short-term profits from screwing over your clients, but long-term you will make nothing at all, and you will likely be prosecuted either by your former clients or by the insurance company itself. You need to give your clients the utmost in customer service.

Concern yourself deeply with your clients' and prospects' dreams and goals.

Next, make sure that you have great knowledge of the actual products your life insurance company sells. You have to have expert knowledge of what you are selling to your prospects. Needless to say this might be a little more difficult if you are part of an insurance brokerage, since you will need to be a master of many different life insurance products. But you owe it to your clients to give them the best of the best in customer service.

If you give that, you will find yourself getting plenty of referrals and repeat business. Referrals and repeat business are the only way to stay in business and make great money in the life insurance business.

Speaking of referrals: always ask for them, even if you are on a "mere" service call. Referrals are people who are far likely to do business with you just because someone they know told them about someone they know. If you aren't working with a great deal of referrals, you are going to be a life insurance failure regardless of your intelligence or skills.

Relate to your clients and prospects on a personal level. Always do what you can to bring a personal aspect to every meeting. People do business with other people. There is no other aspect of selling life insurance more important than that knowledge.

The author lives with her husband in Maryland, with their two dogs and cat. She put together the website in order to help the everyday person navigate the often confusing world of life insurance

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