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Home Insurance

  • Low Rate Home Insurance Quotes - Where to Find the Lowest Insurance Rates Online by Erik Stump

    Securing your home from damage caused by fire or theft will help you reestablish it and restore it to its original grandeur very quickly. However, the premium will lapse if the contingency does not occur during the term of the policy. This, for many, seems like an awful waste of money. You can reduce the heartburn by finding the cheapest insurance deal for protection of your house.


  • Your Home Valuables - Get Maximum Security Before It's Late by Victor Chukwueke

    It is not necessary for you to spend much just to get insurance for your home. Presently, there are now better ways for you to easily get insurance for your home. Every policy has its area of complication but as long as you understand the basics of the home insurance policy, you will easily plan on how to make your savings. There are three categories of home plan. They are as follows:


  • Michigan Insurance Overhaul - Receiving Strong Objections From Insurance Groups by Marcel A Johnson

    While Michigan legislators are currently debating a bill recently proposed from a petition in developed and signed by Michigan residents in the Property Casualty Insurers Association of America says that this petition to overhaul all insurance laws in the state is an attack on the insurance companies. The association does not say this is the only attack they feel Michigan lawmakers are making against the insurance companies as they say this has been an ongoing problem for insurance providers within the state for quite some time.


  • California Home Insurance - Knowledge and Coverage - The Keys to Success by Marcel A Johnson

    In 2007 wildfires raged across the state of California and as a result over 40,000 insurance claims were submitted at the time by homeowners to receive compensation for the loss or damage to their homes. Now over two years later reports state that 99% of these claims have been successfully repaid and homeowners have received compensation for their losses.


  • Comprehensive Home Coverage - You Never Know When it Will Come in Hand by Marcel A Johnson

    As many homeowners around the country have noticed in times of need having a comprehensive plan for their homes can be more of a blessing than a curse even though it may mean a few extra dollars each month out of their paycheck. Homeowners in Yakima, Washington are finding this out first-hand after homes disappeared suddenly under a landslide and they had no coverage to pay for this event.


  • Homeowners Insurance Emergency Tips by Keir Anderson

    Sometimes, even though we do all we can to protect our homes, disaster strikes. Here are several tips on what to do and what not to do when the unforeseen happens to you.


  • How Much is Homeowners Insurance? by Ricky Lim

    How much is homeowners insurance? This is the frequently asked question when homeowner insurance is discussed. The cost of homeowner insurance depends on a lot of market factors.


  • Home Sales - Home Insurance Demand on the Rise Nationwide by Marcel A Johnson

    With the announcement of $8,000 tax credit for first time buyers initiated by the US government to stimulate home sales the National Association of Realtors, a Chicago-based trade group, has reported that a US home sales in the third quarter 2009 had increased by 10% with the median price of homes across the country falling 11% from earlier this year to $177,900. The combination of the tax credit, lower house price and high availability of single-family homes on the market has helped stimulate large amount home sales increase across the country.


  • Florida's Citizens Property Insurance to Increase Rates by Marcel A Johnson

    State owned insurance has recently received permission to increase their rates across the entire state property insurance coverage, in some places by as much as 10%. The average rate increase across the state will be 5.4% with coastal homes paying 7.3% more than a large number of inland homes paying 10% more.


  • What is the Value of Having a Comprehensive Home Owner Warranty Policy? by Tywan Miller

    When buying your first home, be sure to consider getting homeowner's warranty. This warranty can be your safety net if any major breakdowns occur with your major appliances and fixtures in your home. Many times these items can be overlooked, especially in newer homes. Again, never assume and make sure you are protected against any losses.


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