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Home Insurance

  • Unemployment Mortgage Insurance Defined by Marilyn Katz

    When you buy a house, you will probably get lots of offers for a product called mortgage insurance. Is this a product you need to protect your home and family. Learn what products cover your mortgage so you can make an informed decision.


  • Making House Fire Insurance Claims by Robin Fry

    The recent house fire at the Buckinghamshire home of broadcaster Sir Terry Wogan highlights the risks we all face of an outbreak of fire in our home. Even when every precaution is made to avoid such a disaster, house fires can still be unavoidable. Will your insurance cover you if your home and possessions are destroyed by fire?


  • What Is Private Mortgage Insurance? by Ricky Lim

    Private mortgage insurance or PMI as is known is a form of insurance new homeowners are required to purchase. This is particularly so if their down payment is 20 percent or less of the property's valued price or sale price. The main reason for private mortgage insurance is to protect lenders in the case the new homeowner defaults on their home loan.


  • 3 Important Moving Insurance Tips by Ispas Marin

    Because of the many problems that can occur when you hire a moving company to transport your goods, the moving companies are required some basic insurance of your goods. Even with this basic insurance, purchasing additional coverage might be needed.There are two common forms of additional insurance: replace value coverage and basic liability which means the actual cash value or the declared value protection.


  • Enhanced Title Insurance - Who Needs It? by Pam Rumley

    Why have title insurance in the first place? Because it protects one of the most important investments you will ever make...your home or investment in real estate! And because your lender will require it.


  • House Insurance For Your Rental Home by David Stiehler

    Most landlords try to screen their potential boarders but even if you do this, you can't make a full assessment of their personality with just a simple interview. Sure, you can do a background check on them to make sure they don't have any criminal records but you can't really gauge how capable they will be in taking care of your home.


  • Tax Deductions for First Time Homeowners by Chris Castillo

    If you are looking to buy a house you may want to know what tax deductions you receive as a first time homeowner. There are several standard deductions you receive as a homeowner. To deduct expenses of owning a home, you must file Form 1040 and itemize your deductions on Schedule A (Form 1040). If you itemize, you cannot take the standard deduction.


  • Florida Private Mortgage Insurance by Josh Riverside

    When you only have the money to pay less than 20 percent down payment of your mortgage, chances are you will need a private mortgage insurance to help you secure a loan. What a private mortgage insurance or PMI does is it provides protection to the lender by guaranteeing payment in case of default from borrower. The borrower will in turn pay a monthly mortgage insurance fee. This way, a lending company will allow a lesser down payment than what they would normally accept.


  • How Long Does it Take For a Home Insurance Claim to Be Settled? by Derek Rogers

    If you are a homeowner who has taken out insurance on your home, you will find that your thoughts often turn to the worst. In the event of a fire or a disaster, you will feel quite fortunate to have the insurance that you have been paying off to step in and set you back on your feet, but you might find that you are a little bit nervous about what you can expect. By now, you have heard plenty of horror stories about some people whose insurance have taken a long time to pay out, but you have also...


  • House Insurance in Ontario - Insurance Coverages and Exclusions by Dave Melanson

    Decisions affect you and your family when it comes to insurance and that is why you need to choose your house insurance carefully. Home insurance is like an investment, however, if something happens you need to rely on the cash out option. Some insurance companies offer guaranteed replacement cost with a cash out option depending on the policy the cash option may be subject to depreciation.


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