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Home Insurance

  • Florida Homeowner's Insurance Quotes - Where to Get the Cheapest by Brian Stevens

    Your Florida home is among the largest purchases you'll ever make. You want to protect it with homeowner's insurance, but without spending too much. Where can you get the cheapest Florida homeowner's insurance quotes? This article shows you.


  • Got A Non-Renewal Notice On Your Home Insurance? by Mary Wise

    Instead of getting new customers, some insurance companies have began to drain their current customers by canceling their insurances and proposing new more expensive deals. So if you¡¯ve got a non-renewal notice on your mail don¡¯t be surprised.


  • Where to Find Cheap Mississippi Homeowners Insurance by Brian Stevens

    Your Mississippi home is more than just a home ¨C it's also an investment. You can protect this investment without spending a fortune by searching for cheap Mississippi homeowners insurance online. This article shows you how.


  • How to Select the Best Florida Home Insurance Company in a Market With Few Well Recognized Names by Michael Letcher

    The beginning of the end of large companies writing new home insurance business in Florida started with Hurricane Andrew in 1992. The final death blow came after the hurricanes of 2004 and 2005. Most of the home insurance companies available to Floridians, are now small startup companies that are not household names. Here's how to pick a good Florida home insurance company in this brave new world.


  • How to Get Low Cost Michigan Homeowners Insurance by Brian Stevens

    Annual homeowners insurance premiums in Michigan have been on the rise this decade because of increased flood claims and higher rebuilding costs. Homeowners have seen their premiums rise 85%. This article shows you how to get low cost Michigan homeowners insurance.


  • Average Renter's Insurance by Amit Raju

    Most people have misconceptions about the Average Renter's Insurance policy. There are literally millions of renters in America, yet many have decided to forgo renter's insurance coverage based on faulty information that they have received.


  • How is Depreciation Calculated in a Home Insurance Claim? by Derek Rogers

    You may not be aware, but depreciation plays a very large role in the calculation of a home insurance claim. It is important for homeowners to be aware of who determines the calculations of depreciation and what method, exactly, is used in determining that rate of depreciation.


  • Vacant Home Insurance - Is it Possible to Get Insurance For an Unoccupied House? by Ryan Richardson

    It's very important to have a good homeowner's insurance policy to protect such a huge investment but if your home is vacant it can be difficult and expensive to get the coverage you need. There are a number of reasons why a house can be empty. Maybe you are a landlord and your tenant has moved out.


  • Florida Home Owner Insurance - Tips On How To Pick The Best Policy by Terry Edwards

    While every state has different homeowner insurance rates, Florida home owner insurance rates are among the most expensive in the U.S. This makes taking your time and finding the policy that best suits your needs, extremely important. here are a few quick tips on what to look for in finding Florida homeowners insurance.


  • Rental Property Insurance by Josh Riverside

    Most landlords have insurance on the property they rent, but the people who are renting can and probably should have renter's insurance to protect their property. This type of insurance covers items that are inside a rented property. In simple terms, while the landlord may have insurance for damages to his building, he or she probably does not have coverage for the valuables you have in your rental unit. In the event something happened to the landlord's building and you were displaced for a time, the renter's insurance would also pay for your stay.


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