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Home Insurance

  • Renters Insurance FAQ by Brian Stevens

    Renters insurance can be confusing, to say the least. Here's a renters insurance FAQ that explains the basics of renters insurance in simple terms. Natural disasters like floods and hurricanes are on the rise, theft and vandalism are increasing, and if you don't have renters insurance you could lose everything you own.


  • High Risk Home Owners Insurance - How To Avoid Being Labeled As High Risk by Elizabeth Newberry

    Did you know that you or your home may be responsible for you paying higher rates on homeowners insurance. Sometimes being labeled as high risk can be avoided, but other times it cannot. Below are some of the most common reasons why you may be labeled as high risk.


  • North Carolina Home Owner's Insurance - Helping You Do Your Homework by Elizabeth Newberry

    Home owner's insurance companies usually take into consideration the location of the home before they offer a potential policyholder a quote. North Carolina home owner's insurance companies are no different. Since North Carolina is a high-risk state during the hurricane season each year, having a home owner's insurance policy is crucial in protecting your home, its contents, and your valuables.


  • Homeowners Insurance Company Ratings - How to Avoid Getting Ripped Off by Costas Peppas

    In this day and age we're especially being bombarded with ads and commercials for homeowners insurance. It's nice to have options but most homeowners find it difficult to listen to so much "gimmicky sales hype" and separate the good, reputable, honest companies from the bad ones.


  • How to Find Cheap Renters Insurance in Texas by Brian Stevens

    Looking for renters insurance in Texas? Want to find the cheapest rate with a top-rated company? Here's how to do it . There are three things you should consider when it comes to purchasing renters insurance in Texas - the coverage, the cost, and the company.


  • Tips for Getting Georgia Home Owners Insurance by Andrew Bicknell

    When it comes to getting home owners insurance in Georgia the options are pretty limitless. There are numerous insurance providers in the state in both local offices and available on the internet. The types of coverage's available are many at different premium points depending on a number of factors, including home and property value, location of your home and the condition the home is in.


  • Many People Pay Extra Money on Homeowners Insurance - You Do Not Have to by Mike J Howard

    The homeowners insurance rates are different by hundreds of dollars between insurance companies. Luckily the Internet made comparing different homeowners quotes fair easy. As you search through your homeowners insurance, use the following tips to fully save your potential costs.


  • Where to Find Best Homeowners Insurance Companies With the Best Rates? by Brian Stevens

    Want to know how to find the best homeowners insurance companies with the best rates. Here's how. How do I find the best homeowners insurance companies? There are a number of websites that rate insurance companies. Three of the best are:


  • Understanding Title Insurance by Raynor James

    Title to a property is a record detailing the owners of the property and rights associated with the ownership. Title typically shows a progression of ownership from the first owner to the current one. Title is a fairly simple concept, but when it goes wrong it is a nightmare. That is where title insurance comes in.


  • There is a Right Way and a Wrong Way For a New Homeowner to Select a Homeowner's Insurance Company by Ryan Richardson

    There is no law that requires homeowners to carry insurance. Lenders however will almost certainly have a requirement in the contract to make sure that their investment is protected. Whether it's required or not most people see the value in protecting such a large investment and realize that homeowners insurance is a necessity. But there is a right way and a wrong way to select an insurance company.


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