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Home Insurance

  • What Does Renters Insurance Cover? by Ricky Lim

    What does renters insurance cover is often asked by people who rent apartments. It shows they are responsible and they don't believe that landlords are responsible for their properties. But what does it cover? Well, if you think that the insurance plan will only cover a few possession, you should still get one.


  • Home Insurance Rate Hikes, Historical Data, and Current Considerations by Marcel A Johnson

    There has been a gradual increase in the premium for insurance over the past two decades. In a published report it was stated that the premium in the year 1989 was equal to $2,375,000 whereas in the year 2007 it this premium had increased by one digit and was $15,817,000. However the number of insurers over these years did not experience a sharp rise as it increase from fifty insures in year 1989 to sixty-two in 2007.


  • Homeowner Fees and Your HOA Insurance by Frank W. Williams

    Insurance is an important aspect of any homeowners, however Home Owners association also have the community to be concerned with. How your homeowner fees are used to purchase HOA insurance should be an area that you play close attention to.


  • Home Insurance Alternatives - The National Flood Insurance Program by Marcel A Johnson

    Created in 1968, under the National Flood Insurance Act of 1968 the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) allows people to buy insurance for their houses or properties in case there is a flood. Insurance against floods is not included in most of the homeowners' policies so it has to be bought separately.


  • Save Up to 20% on Your Homeowners Insurance in 1 Easy Step by Michelle M. Kelly

    In the current economy, we are all looking for ways to save money. One simple way to save on your Homeowners Insurance cost is by making sure that you are taking advantage of all of the Insurance discounts that apply to you and your family.


  • Understanding Factors Affecting Your Home Insurance Premium by Megan Mahan

    Homeowner¡¯s insurance can be a confusing topic. Because of this, many homeowners don¡¯t fully understand why insurers charge the premiums they do, and as a result, premium charges often go unquestioned by policyholders. But when you know how insurers determine your premium, you can work with those factors to lower your premium and say goodbye to expensive home insurance rates!


  • Protect Your Personal Property With Home Contents Insurance by Joseph Kenny

    It would surprise you to know how many homes have all the latest in technological gadgetry, yet have failed to insure the contents of their home against the event of either a burglary or damage. If you want to protect your personal property, you need to be insuring your personal property with a home contents insurance.


  • Home Insurance And Your Rottweiler Dog by Justin Scott

    Your home insurance rates and overall costs could be affected by the type of dog you own. A Rottweiler is one of those dogs. Whether you already own a dog, or are looking to get one, here are some things to consider. Rottweilers may get a bad rap -- especially the ones that make headlines because their owners did not train them properly. Of course, most Rottweiler owners do train their dogs properly and know how beautiful and sweet these animals can be.


  • Home Owner's Insurance - Liability Issues and Your Pool by Chisomeje Odimba

    A home owner's insurance policy generally covers two basic things (a) damages to your house and other structures on your property (like a pool, gazebo, sheds etc) (b)liability protection in case someone sues you. For those who have a pool in their house, the likelihood that you will need the services of your insurer is higher. This because having a pool in the house make your house a higher risk insurance.


  • How To Choose the Right Home Insurance for Owners, Renters, and Landlords by Marilyn Katz

    Homeowners, Renters, and Landlords all need home property and liability insurance, but their needs are very different. Home insurance needs also may differ, depending upon where you live. A condo owner will have different needs than a surburban home dweller. Most people think of buying insurance for a home they own and live in. This type of insurance will cover your building, and the property inside of that building. It will also provide liability coverage in case somebody is injured on your property and it is deemed your fault.


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