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Home Insurance

  • Renters Liability Insurance Rates by Ricky Lim

    When a renters liability insurance has been purchased, renting a property is not subjected to the liability as that of owning the property. However, renters can still get the same benefits of property insurance as that of the homeowners. They just have to know first and foremost that their landlords are not responsible for the losses or damages of their properties. They may be renting their home, apartment, or their condominium unit, but it is still their responsibility to get renters insurance.


  • What to Find on Florida Flood Insurance by Ty Evans

    Here is what you will find on a typical Florida flood insurance policy. First thing you should be looking for is every time FEMA changes its maps in the state of Florida, it could end up directly costing you money. If you are a home owner and you have never been considered in a flood zone, you better think again. I deal with angry clients everyday who tell me they have been living in their house for 20 years and never had a flood and have never been considered in that type of a zone. Now they are.


  • Filing Homeowners Insurance Claim Forms by Stacy Fox

    Do you know how to go about filing homeowners insurance claim forms? The first thing you need to do is assess any damage done to your property. Then, take out your policy and see what is covered. Next, contact your insurance company right away. They will want to know that you acted promptly. Sometimes you can save more of the property if the insurance company is able to get started quickly.


  • Home Insurance For Today's Generation by Yossarian Smythe

    We live in an unpredictable world, and what best can protect our home from hurricanes, earthquakes, human errors and other natural calamities but a home insurance coverage? It is sad to find that everything that you have worked hard to have will just be gone in just a short time. It will even be worst if you have not done your part in trying to protect everything that you own from these disasters and unfortunate events.


  • Homeowners Rental Insurance - How Renters Insurance Can Help You by Erika Ayala

    Have you ever experienced losing personal property in your home due to theft? Or did your valuables get damaged or destroyed due to an unforeseen event such as a fire? Did you try to claim compensation from your landlord only to find out that it wasn't covered in the landlord's insurance he gave you? Read on to find out how you can solve this problem.


  • Apartment Renters Insurance - Why You Need Renters Insurance by Erika Ayala

    Have you ever gotten seriously injured in your own apartment? You wanted to claim compensation. Unfortunately, your landlord's insurance doesn't cover personal injuries. Find out how you can get compensation through this article.


  • Top 6 Tips in Getting Free Home Insurance Quotes by Joel Owens

    When it comes to getting the best home insurance deals, many have proven that jumping at the gun for the first offer that comes along will not do any good to your quest to save and protect the most prized investment of your life. Although this takes too much time and effort, the most efficient way to save money on insurance and get the one that really answers your needs is to shop around for home insurance quotes. While this may sound easy, many are still unaware that they can get a hold of these quotes for free.


  • Condo Renters Insurance - How Renters Insurance Can Help You by Erika Ayala

    Have you ever experienced losing everything you own because your condominium caught fire, was robbed, or was affected by a similar occurrence? Did you try asking for compensation with the use of your landlords insurance only to find out that the policy only covers repair of the condo unit itself? Read on to find out how to solve your problem.


  • Tips For Reducing Homeowners Insurance Premiums by Stacy Fox

    Here are 7 tips for reducing homeowners insurance premiums. First, consider what deductible you need. Deductibles start at $500, but if you kick that up to $1000 or even $5000, you are going to start seeing a significant discount. Further, higher deductibles will decrease your chances of filing a claim which is actually a good thing because some companies cancel your insurance after two claims.


  • Tenants Insurance - Why It's a Must For Every Tenant by Erika Ayala

    Have you ever found yourself homeless while the home you are renting is being renovated? And to top it all off, you lost most of your valuables - and these aren't included in the compensation. Read on to find out how to keep this problem from happening again.


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