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If You Rent Out Your Property, You Need Landlord Insurance!

Author: Sally Desh

Renting out properties is a popular way to create income for many people in Australia. It is not only a great way to earn extra cash it also an excellent way to get a portfolio of properties that are an investment for the future. Like owning any home, when you are a landlord you need to protect your investment property and this is done through taking out a landlord insurance policy.

Landlord insurance is different to regular house insurance as it provides protection on a rental property. In other words it is a type of insurance that is created specifically for landlords and covers the building that is being rented out for various occurrences. These can include: fire or smoke damage, vandalism, malicious acts on the property, liquid or water damage, theft and even natural disasters such as earthquakes.

Anyone who rents out properties needs to take out insurance as part of the rental procedure. To find out more about the type of landlord insurance that you need it is a good idea to compare policies online. Using a comparison site will help anyone looking for land insurance to sift through the various policies and find one that provides the level of cover needed.

By using a comparison tool, landlords can obtain a range of quotes from many different insurance companies. Simply enter details into the site and start the comparison. Once this has been done a list of insurance companies offering landlord insurance will be created with brief details of each separate quote next to the name of the insurer.

Once the list is compiled the landlord is able to look at details of quote. If there is a policy that provides the needed amount of cover of landlord insurance for an agreeable cost the landlord can proceed to the insurer's website and purchase the insurance policy. Finding insurance this way means there is a lot more choice also and more importantly money saved by landlords, something which anyone who rents out a house will no doubt be interested achieving.

By taking the time to compare quotes any landlord can find cheap land insurance and get their properties covered. Having rental properties insured is not only the sensible option if you are a landlord it is normally part of the legal agreement in place when a property is being rented out. If the property being rented out is not furnished the landlord insurance will only cover the actual building. It is then the responsibility of the tenants to insure their own contents with their own insurance policy.

Every investor should have landlord insurance for their property investment home. So get a landlord insurance quote online today and protect your investment! Submitted by Sally Desh

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