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Homeowner's Insurance - Paying Less is Important

Author: Henry Fleet

Being able to save money in all aspects of life has become so important to everyone, with the latest economic trends causing some to inspect their budgets. One area where you can trim a little bit of the fat is your homeowner's insurance. There are a number of ways to cut back on what you are paying and be able to put the money you save towards other aspects of your life. By making a few small changes, you can lower your homeowner's insurance premiums.

The first step begins in taking a look at other plans. Even if you are already insured under one insurer, you may want to have a look around at the other options available to you. If you aren't insured yet, make sure you shop around. Check out your local listings and yellow pages, first, but also, see how they stack up.

You can research different company listings by state at The Consumer Action Website as well as the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. Two more great resources as you're shopping around are Standard And Poor's and AM Best.

There are also many different kinds of discounts that most insurances will offer, if you ask about them. You may want to look into combining home and auto insurance for a discounted rate and seeing if your existing insurer offers this. If not, you could look into that as you shop around for a policy.

As well, many insurances offer discounts for disaster preparedness and security improvements to your home and quite a few discount their rates for those who are retired due to less risks involved in insuring individuals who are at home more often than not.

You may be able to raise the deductible on your plan, as well. Often, if you do have separate deductibles- that is, in the case of people who live in disaster prone areas, you may keep one deductible at its current rate while raising the deductible on something else that poses less of a risk. Talking with your insurance agent about the risks versus the benefits of raising your deductible may lower your rates quite alot, so it is definitely worth checking into.

Being able to keep the coverage you want, but lower your rates may be an option as well. Doing a little homework and asking around can be a great benefit to you, and you may want to sit down with your insurance agent and discuss what sorts of options are available to you. Consider if you have been with your insurer a long time, asking about a long term policy holder discount. You can lower your insurance premiums, but the very first step is in asking to see what sorts of options you may have.

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