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Home Insurance

Home insurance provides compensation for damage or destruction of a home from disasters. In some geographical areas, the standard insurances excludes certain types of disasters, such as flood and earthquakes, that require additional coverage. Maintenance-related problems are the homeowners' responsibility. The policy may include inventory, or this can be bought as a separate policy, especially for people who rent housing. In some countries, insurers offer a package which may include liability and legal responsibility for injuries and property damage caused by members of the household, including pets.

  • More Florida Home Insurance Cancellations on the Way by Michael Letcher

    Just when you thought that most of the Florida home insurance cancellations were a thing of that past, new threats to your homeowners insurance coverage are on the horizon. And these cancellations are occurring at a time when home insurance rates in Florida are rising despite the nationwide recession. For starters Florida's largest private home insurance company just reached agreement with the state this month to cancel 125,000 policies.


  • Free Home Insurance Quotes - How to Get the Best by Chimerenka Odimba

    Everyone or at least most people today know that the best way to enjoy cheap home insurance is by getting free home insurance quotes. Even with this, many still don't know how to find the best insurance company. Let's see some tips.


  • Valuable Tips For Finding the Best Renters Insurance at the Cheapest Prices by Josh G. Harding

    What is the best way to get the cheapest renters insurance? It's not very difficult to get bargain-basement-priced rates, but is it possible to find the cheapest rates for the best coverage? By following several little-known procedures you can buy the insurance protection you need at prices you might not believe possible.


  • Tips For Choosing Homeowners Insurance by Arunraj V.S.

    Home owners obviously ought to know that there is no substitute to home insurance. This policy can cover the contents in your home and cover personal possessions that belong to you, as a home owner, and also indemnify you against any accident that may happen at your home.


  • 5 New Ways to Save Money on Your Home Insurance by Robert Edgin

    I know you've seen this article a hundred times before, and it always sounds the same...raise your around...get multi-policy discounts...blah blah blah. IT'S ALWAYS THE SAME advice on lowering your home insurance premiums, but finally there are some NEW ways to save money on your home insurance, and out of the 75,000,000+ links Google came up with on the subject, the next 5 tips weren't on any of them (that's right, I checked all of them).


  • The Difference Between Buy to Let Insurance and Landlord Insurance by Nathan De Bond

    There has been a question that is repeatedly asked in the world of renters insurance for a long time now and it is one that has an easy answer but many people still don't seem to know it. The question that I am talking about is what is the difference between Landlord Insurance and Buy to Let Insurance?


  • Buying the Best Home Owners Insurance Coverage by Alston Balkcom

    Although you may be spending more for other types of insurance such as car insurance or medical insurance, home insurance can cost a substantial amount of money. Getting a good deal starts with shopping around with different carriers or having a reputable insurance broker do the shopping for you. Benefits are at least as important as cost.


  • Contents Insurance - Why Your Request For Compensation Got Rejected by Erika Ayala

    Have you damaged or destroyed one of your personal belongings? You tried claiming compensation using your Contents Insurance policy, but they refused to pay you. Wasn't your insurance policy supposed to cover that? The problem is the way your personal items were damaged may not be covered by the policy. I understand what you are going through because I have encountered the same problem before.


  • If You Rent Out Your Property, You Need Landlord Insurance! by Sally Desh

    Renting out properties is a popular way to create income for many people in Australia. It is not only a great way to earn extra cash it also an excellent way to get a portfolio of properties that are an investment for the future. Like owning any home, when you are a landlord you need to protect your investment property and this is done through taking out a landlord insurance policy.


  • Homeowners Insurance Statistics - 68% of Homes Under-Insured by Stacy Fox

    The homeowners insurance statistics don't lie - a survey by insurance services firm MSB showed that 68 percent of homes are under-insured. On average, homeowners have 18 percent less coverage than they need. And, brokers are not accurately assessing their clients' needs.


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