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Health Insurance

  • Optimum Health Insurance Policy and Life by Michael Bens

    We are designed to heal from sickness naturally; however, at times we need medical treatment to recover from ill. There are scores of healthcare providers today that are taking advantage of patients, therefore, health insurance coverage is essential to understand to avoid become the next victim. The healthcare fees are increasing also, therefore, having no coverage can cost you a fortune. Nowadays, healthcare, creators of prescription drugs, pharmaceutical companies, physicians, and the government are gaining profit from healthcare.


  • Unemployment Dental Plans - Do Not Neglect Your Teeth If You Lose Dental Benefits! by Marilyn Katz

    A lot of attention goes to the fact that almost 50 million Americans do not have a health plan, and that is a big problem. But also alarming is the fact that about twice as many Americans lack a dental plan. Quality dental care is critical for our health, and for our well being. And we all know that the longer we neglect routine dental care, the more likely we will be to have major problems later.


  • Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) Mean Big Tax Savings by Stephen Nelson

    Concerned about the high cost of healthcare? Worried that your insurance doesn't cover all your costs? Fortunately, a partial solution may be just around the corner-one that can annually save you more than $1,000.


  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield Providers: Catering to Your Health Care Needs by Dave Poon

    For years now, retirees, government and private employees, unemployed individuals, housewives, as well as out-of-state and US citizens working abroad have been receiving some form of benefit from a Blue Cross or Blue Shield health care provider. The Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association aims to provide affordable yet adequate health care for millions of Americans across the nation.


  • Cheap Student Health Insurance by Joel Ohman

    Students are typically more prone to go without health care coverage than those who are older because of their perceived invincibility. However, students often place themselves and their family¡¯s financial security in jeopardy because of this ¡°devil may care¡± attitude. Health insurance for students is often quite cheap as one of the largest determining factors in pricing insurance rates is age.


  • Commonwealth of Virginia Low Cost Health Insurance by Elizabeth Newberry

    Finding low cost health insurance in the Commonwealth of Virginia does not mean you have to be eligible for a group health insurance plan through your employer, nor does it mean you have to qualify for Medicaid or state-sponsored health care services. Virginia residents in search of affordable health care can purchase individual health insurance plans.


  • Finding Cheap Dental Insurance by Elizabeth Newberry

    Shop around ¨C that¡¯s the first key to finding inexpensive dental insurance ¨C or any other kind of insurance. Unfortunately, dental insurance in particular isnot always cheap and dental insurance is usually offered through companies rather than to individuals. In the long term though, neglecting your teeth will be even costlier.


  • Types of Dental Insurance by Terry Ross

    There are several basic types of dental insurance plans offering a range of cover from the most basic dental care plans to complete all encompassing dental insurance plans. Basic dental care plans aren¡¯t effectively an insurance but rather a ¡®club¡¯ that enables you to obtain discounted dental care from participating dentists.


  • Affordable Alternative Health Insurance by Adam Willis

    As the cost of health insurance increases, we are all looking for affordable alternative health insurance. In this article I describe an approach to achieve lower cost health insurance by mixing and matching specialized policies.


  • Insured vs Uninsured - The Segregation of American Health Care by Patti McMann

    For people that have health insurance, obtaining health care is much easier than it is for people that don't have health insurance. America treats each group differently, and works against its own people when it comes to affordable and accessible health care. If American health care reform ever does happen, it may be too late to compete with the countries that are stepping up to provide affordable and high quality health care to millions of Americans who can't get it in their own country.


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