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Health Insurance Premiums

Author: Sherry Pitsch

Wellness Programs Improve Health Insurance Premiums and Company's Bottom Lines!!

Why We Need Wellness Programs Now More than in any time in History:

With Health Care issues in the news every day, Americans are worried that the healthcare system we are all familiar with could be facing an historic overhaul. While some changes might be positive, others might be scary. Regardless of the outcome, wellness will be the number one area all of us will need to focus on for ourselves and our families. New strains of flu viruses are stumping pharmaceutical companies to provide effective vaccines, expensive treatments for serious illnesses are eliminating people's savings accounts, and kids are getting sicker at school every year. What can we do to avoid all of these issues? It's very simple. Join a Corporate Wellness Program, like Wellness Worx. Corporate Wellness programs create positive results. Some proven benefits of a corporate wellness program are:

  • Reduction in health insurance costs

  • Less insurance claims

  • Reduction in absenteeism

  • Improved productivity

  • Improved attitudes and teamwork skills

  • Employee recognition

  • Improved lifestyles

  • ROI with 36 months

    Now is the time to implement a wellness program for your business. We will sit down with you and develop a strategy with goals and objectives. We will help you design a program that will meet the needs of your employees. Once we establish the direction you want to move in, we will get the program started. Wellness Worx offers several facets within the program, such as:

  • Monthly educational presentations

  • Fun, corporate challenges with special prizes

  • Specialized programs (weight loss, smoking cessation)

  • Newsletters

  • Recipes

  • Health promoting products

    Our mission is to bring wellness awareness to the workplace with a refreshing and educational approach, along with fun team challenges and rewards. We offer internet capabilities to monitor both individual and team progress through a point system. Incentive prizes are awarded at the end of each 90 day themed session.

    Our goal is to help employers reduce their health insurance premiums, and reward employees for making smart, healthier choices in their daily activities.

    We are looking for employers who will support an incentivized program that promotes health awareness in the workplace. With your support, this program will impact your current health insurance program and create a positive change in your health insurance premiums, while improving the health and awareness of your employees.

    Contact us now at:
    Sherry Pitsch

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