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Four Kinds of Medical Insurance That You May Have For You and Your Family

Author: Connor R Sullivan

One of the hot topics in the political world and part of the Presidential debates last year were regarding health insurance coverage. President Obama wants to change how health insurance has been for years making it more affordable for all Americans to be able to be covered. He feels it is way too expensive now and that it excludes poor Americans. There are several types of medical insurance that exists for different kinds of services and that is what this article will discuss. It will go into the varying kinds like general medical insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance or vision insurance plan, and even health insurance for your pets.

As stated earlier, health insurance rates have risen over the years, making it quite expensive for companies to offer their employees as well as people being able to afford the rates from their employer or on their own. If you do have insurance it usually covers all kinds of medical treatments with copay given at the time of the visit. Depending on the company that you have insurance with, you may need to get a referral before going to see a specialist in the medical field. Typically if you have to go to the emergency room at a hospital, the cost for that visit will be a $100. Since all plans are different, the amount of coverage you receive varies greatly. Typically, the more you pay for health insurance premiums each month, the better coverage you will have.

Another type of insurance that people may want to have especially if your family has poor eyesight would be insurance for your eyes or vision. This is an additional and separate expense on top of your regular kind of medical insurance. This insurance typically covers a checkup and testing done on your eyes once a year as well as a percentage off of your vision correction items such as eyeglasses or contact lenses. Some of these plans now are covering laser surgeries for your eyes as well to correct your vision permanently.

Many families also like to have the additional kind of insurance that will cover all of the dental needs and orthodontic work that may be needed for you and your family members. A typical dental plan would cover check ups every six months and some basic dental needs such as fillings for cavities as a certain percentage is covered depending on the plan. If you or someone in your family needs to have orthodontic work, a plan usually does not cover a whole set of braces but will offer coverage to around $1000-1500 dollars per person. So having orthodontic care helps but will not cover the majority of the expenses.

The final kind of medical insurance is for your beloved pets. Because vet visits can be expensive and some dog breeds are predisposed to have specific problems, some owners are finding it worth it to purchase pet insurance to cover the medical costs for their animal. It is rare but that trend is becoming more popular.

Connor R. Sullivan has been searching for vision insurance to provide care for his employees. He found a reasonably priced vision insurance plan to provide care for his employees.

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