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Affordable Health Insurance For the Self Employed

Author: Ed Harris

Affordable health insurance for the self employed is available from most major health insurance companies. Ohio health insurers such as Anthem Blue Cross, UnitedHealthOne, Aetna, Medical Mutual and Humana offer many low cost policies that offer some features contained in much more expensive group plans. Also, most plans allow a monthly billing option with no obligation to keep coverage any length of time.

A "Health Savings Account" (HSA) is an alternative to conventional health insurance. This type of policy has been utilized by self employed individuals and families for many years to reduce expenses. Premiums for Ohio HSAs often cost 25%-50% less than traditional health coverage and allow you to pay for current health expenses and save on future qualified medical expenses on a tax-free basis. You must be covered under a "High Deducible Health Plan" to utilize an HSA. This type of coverage is an affordable catastrophic policy that all Ohio health insurers offer. Coverage varies, depending on the company, but in most cases, preventative benefits are included without having to meet a deductible.

Another affordable health insurance option for the self employed is to consider a "catastrophic" policy. Like HSAs, premiums are substantially lower than a typical comprehensive plan. However, unlike an HSA, office visits and prescriptions are not covered (after the deductible), so rates are actually lower than an HSA.

Typical included coverages on an Ohio catastrophic plan are inpatient expense benefits such as room and board, intensive care unit, operating and recovery rooms, physician visits and professional fees of doctors, surgeons and nurses. Outpatient expenses that are usually included are facility and hospital fees, surgeon and assistant surgeon fees, chemotherapy and emergency room fees.

Lifetime maximum limits are very important if you are self employed. While many employer-sponsored group plans have no limit, individual Ohio health insurance plans usually state the maximum amount of coverage that will be provided. This limit should be at lest $3 million per person. Many health companies feature $5 million maximum limits.

There are many affordable health care options for the self employed. Costs can be reduced by considering only major reputable companies, working with an experienced health insurance broker, and closely determining which coverages are the most necessary and which benefits are not needed.

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