Regardless of the size of the company, the importance of well-designed and efficiently manufactured retail boxes can already be seen. It is undoubtedly the aesthetics of the packaging that captures the initial attention of customers. Physical packaging (if well done) can dramatically improve the customer experience. It could therefore increase the overall value of the product offering.

However, it can be a little difficult to organize, design and order customized retail boxes. A whole series of questions can arise in a person’s mind. What type of packaging is available? How is the printing done? How are the boxes designed? Below is a quick guide that will try to answer all these questions in an appropriate way.

Types of retail packaging

In this section, different types of retail packaging that are used for a wide variety of purposes are discussed.

Archive boxes

In the case of personalised retail packaging, archive boxes are considered to be one of the most commonly used products. They are specially designed to meet the requirements of domestic and industrial users. These boxes are considered a great solution for those who want to organize themselves by throwing away all the clutter. Archive boxes are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can be modified, remodelled and adjusted to meet specific requirements. No matter what you want to store and preserve, archive boxes are your answer.

Boxes of books

Books are recognized as an invaluable asset. Although e-books have significantly reduced sales of physical books, the traditional book reading habit continues. After all, the idea of having to collect a collection of physical books is irrevocably attractive and exciting. However, organizing and maintaining books can be an exhausting chore. This is where the wholesale retail bookstores of book boxes come to the rescue. These packages act as lifebuoys for those who want a convenient way to store books without sacrificing a lot of space. Book boxes can be manufactured in almost any shape and size. They are produced according to customer specifications.

Business card boxes

Another popular form of retail boxes is business card boxes. Generally, they are used by great businessmen who keep their cards in the traditional way. It is an ideal product for people who have a large collection of business cards. They help a lot to put the cards away and, therefore, to keep their corners folded and curled up. The safety of their worthy contacts can be ensured easily in this way. Depending on customer requirements, these packages are available in countless design variants.

How are packages printed?

Once you have decided on the type of retail box wholesaler, it is time to think about how you want these boxes to be designed. There are three main printing methods that are briefly explained below:

Flexographic printing – This is probably the most common printing technique used for boxes. It works well for large batches because of the working mechanism it uses.

Digital printing – This technique is best suited for people who want to place relatively small orders. Digital printing is three to five times more expensive than flexographic printing.

Lithographic printing – Among all printing methods, the quality of this technique is much better. Its high-resolution printing works like wallpaper. Of course, when quality increases, so does cost.

Creation of customized boxes for retail sales

Since there are a plethora of processes through which packages are designed, here are some general tips that will be useful for those who want to move effectively through this phase.

Choose colours carefully – It has been scientifically proven that colours have a huge impact on the human psyche. Therefore, those considering obtaining customized models for commercial purposes should keep this in mind. The right colour of the packaging can be a decisive factor in the intensity of potential customers’ eye attraction.

Be careful with samples – Most manufacturers are more than willing to share their design catalogues. Any of the sampling plans can be selected.

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