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Auto Insurance

  • SR22 Texas by Tim H

    An SR22 in Texas is an insurance policy that requires proof of insurance by way of a certificate filed with the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS). Normally, this is required of those convicted of drunk driving or DWI conviction in the state of Texas.


  • 6 Different Types of Auto Insurance by James Daltons

    Automobile insurance is the most popular and most bought insurance in the USA. The country has much more auto than people and a lot of States make it law that people need to have car insurance. With so many people demanding insurance it will always be best to be informed about the various aspects of motor vehicle insurance. This article will focus on the six different types of car insurance.


  • Oregon Auto Insurance Laws by Richard Cunninghamm

    Oregon auto insurance/financial responsibility law dictates that if you are involved in an accident you will be asked to present proof of ability to cover the cost of damages caused up to a minimum amount. For this reason most drivers buy automobile liability insurance.


  • Car Insurance - Is It A Necessity? by Victor Ezeaku

    Car insurance to some people, is a necessity while to some, it is not. In my earlier article on "A look at Life Insurance" you will be quite convinced that life insurance is a necessity for a family. Like wise, car insurance is a necessity for every car owner. By the definition of accident, no car is free from road mishaps. Also, no car can be hundred percent protected from car theft. Since we live in an unsecured world, our cars are also not equally not secured. Thus, we all need car insurance or auto insurance to help protect our car from unforeseen circumstances which may lead to permanent loss of a car.


  • How Much is Car Insurance For a 16 Year Old - 3 Proven Car Insurance Money Saver Tips by David Rangel

    How much is car insurance for a 16 year old varies due to many factors used by the insurance companies to arrive at the insurance premium. Let's look at the most common factors affecting the car insurance policy cost for a 16 year old young driver.


  • Ticket Forgiveness - How to Avoid Paying Too Much For Traffic Violations by Loreen Worden

    One way the state of California has given drivers a break on the high cost of tickets is making available traffic school as an option. Myth or Fact -Even if you go to traffic school you'll still have to pay for the ticket which can run you hundreds, even thousands of dollars, depending on the violation, but once you've completed traffic school you won't be charged on your car insurance - you've stopped the bleeding. But what if you don't go to traffic school or you're not eligible, you pay the price of the ticket and then your car insurance goes up even more for the next three years.


  • How to Get Low Car Insurance Rates by Brian Stevens

    Think about your last major purchase. Whether you bought a car, a computer, or a watch, you likely shopped around to find the best product at the lowest price. But did you shop for your car insurance? Shopping for car insurance is the best way to ensure that you're getting the lowest rate.


  • Top Myths Regarding Lapses in Auto Insurance Coverage - Do You Need a Lawyer by Jay Newman

    In a study handled by the Insurance Research Council, statistics show that approximately one out of every seven drivers lacks auto insurance coverage. Many times these people are already living from paycheck to paycheck and cannot handle the cost of insurance, especially if they've had offenses like serious speeding tickets, accidents and DUIs that drive up the cost of insurance. Despite this, there are other reasons why an auto insurance policy can lapse.


  • Where to Get Cheap Non-Owned Automobile Insurance by Brian Stevens

    Looking to purchase non-owned automobile insurance? Want to get cheap non-owned auto insurance with a reliable insurer? Here's where to get it. Non-owned automobile insurance pays for repairs when you damage someone else's car, and for the medical bills of the occupants of that car or for any pedestrians who are injured. It also pays for your and your passengers medical expenses. Non-owned auto insurance does not pay to repair damage to your car when you cause an accident.


  • Inside-Information Regarding Your Motor Vehicle Accident Insurance Claim by Dan Baldyga

    Here's some ¡°Inside-Info¡± you must know so you won't be taken advantage of on your motor vehicle accident insurance claim and also: SO YOU CAN COLLECT EVERY DOLLAR THAT¡¯S OWED TO YOU ! The following 8 are just ¡°The Tip Of The Iceberg¡±


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