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Auto Insurance

  • How a Lien and a Lien Holder Affect Your Auto Insurance Policy by George Jackson

    There are all sorts of complications that arise when buying car insurance for yourself. The presence of a second party definitely complicates matters further. A lot of people who have a lien against their car feel overwhelmed, like they can't make their own decisions about their car insurance, or that they're not truly responsible for what happens to their car because they don't "own it."


  • What Type of Auto Insurance Covers Vandalism and Damage to a Car? by Kian Chew Chong

    Insurance needs can be confusing. That is why you must sit down with the agent representing the insurance company that you are considering. Find out everything about the policy before you purchase it. The time to find out that you are not covered for something is not when you file a claim. Know what your insurance policy is going to pay for should something happen and what is not covered, because you can add items that you want covered.


  • Car Accident - Do You Need a Lawyer? by William Brister

    The need for a lawyer in a car accident typically depends on the circumstances surrounding the event. However, in view of a highly litigious environment, it is essential to look at the degree of the car accident and judge accordingly. A simple fender-bender can be settled through your insurer but an accident involving bodily harm or injury may require a lawyer. If no one is hurt, then one can usually do without the services of a lawyer.


  • California Car Insurance - Compulsory Financial Responsibility Law by James Hyder

    The state of California requires that individuals that operate motor vehicles are financially responsible for any damage they may cause in an accident. There are four ways to prove financial responsibility in California. The most popular is liability coverage through an insurance agency.


  • Cheap Car Insurance For Under 21 - Is Affordable Car Insurance A Possibility? by Robert Mcleary

    Car insurance companies look at young drivers, under the age of 21, as being risk takers and new drivers. Therefore, it is likely that you have found in your search for cheap car insurance for under 21s that all of them seem to want an arm and two legs, just insure you. The good news is that now you have the opportunity to take advantage of cheap car insurance for under 21s. This is good news because you can actually control the costs of your insurance by taking extra steps and measures to lower the cost of your insurance.


  • Cheap Car Insurance in NC by Elizabeth Newberry

    The premium you pay for your car insurance in NC is dependent upon several factors, including your age, gender, driving record, traffic ticket and violation history, your living location, the kind of car you are insuring, and the insurance company from which you purchase your car insurance in NC.


  • Motorhome Rental Insurance Requirements by Adrien White

    Rental of an motorhome is a popular option for many people. The motorhome rental insurance requirements vary from State to State, but have some common features. In some cases, your own private automobile insurance policy can be extended to cover motorhome rentals. It is necessary to check with your agent to see exactly how much coverage can be added and what the cost would be to include the motorhome on your basic policy for the duration of the rental period.


  • How to Find Cheap Car Insurance in Atlanta by Elizabeth Newberry

    Cheap Atlanta car insurance comes by purchasing Georgia¡¯s minimum liability auto insurance requirements. They are as follows: $25,000 per person for bodily injury ,$25,000 per accident for property damage and $50,000 per accident for bodily injury to two or more people. Of course, Atlanta car insurance companies will advise you to purchase more than Georgia's minimum liability auto insurance requirements to make sure you are adequately covered, and you should ¨C if you can afford it. Until then, the minimum requirements will provide you with cheap Atlanta car insurance.


  • How Much Does a Rear End Car Accident Cost? by Oscar Wilde

    If you were involved in a rear end car accident then you are probably wondering what this is going to cost you. If you don't have car insurance, then you are looking to pay anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to over $1000. Keep reading this article to get an idea what your rear end accident might cost you.


  • If My Motorcycle Was Stolen, How Much Can I Get From Insurance? by Maria Mbura

    Your motorcycle was stolen. "How much can I get from insurance?" is probably going to be the first question on your mind. And it all depends upon the type of policy that you have taken out on your motorcycle. So, before you get into a theft situation, you will want to review your motorcycle insurance policy.


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