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Auto Insurance

  • What Are the Most Expensive Cars to Insure? 11 Things That Make Auto Insurance Rates Soar by Mike Irons

    Owning an expensive car doesn't mean your insurance will be very expensive just as owning a cheap vehicle doesn't mean you'll pay the lowest rates. Read this short, informative article to find out which are the most expensive cars as well as the least expensive cars to insure.


  • Car Accident - I Was Hit And Now What? by Hector Quiroga, J.D.

    Car accident? Let the frustration begin! I know this because I was in one lastweek, and I did not know what to do or how to react. I was a claim adjuster for several years before I went to law school, and even tough I handled hundreds of insurance claims alike, I never could comprehend how confusing a car accident really is.


  • California Commercial Vehicle Insurance by Marvin Toller

    If you drive a commercial vehicle (big rig, delivery truck, bus, etc.) in California you should be aware there are certain legal requirements for vehicle insurance that you must maintain. Because commercial vehicles can often carry hazardous materials or precious cargo (such as our children) the insurance requirements for them are much higher than traditional automobile coverage.


  • Settling Your Injury Claim Without a Lawyer by James Dodson

    A common question lawyers receive from potential clients is whether the client should accept an offer made by the defendant's insurance company shortly after an accident. Insurance companies commonly attempt to encourage an early settlement of some claims by offering a relatively nominal settlement. There are some considerations that consumers should be aware of before simply accepting such an offer from an insurance company.


  • Coverage Denial - My Auto Claim Was Denied and Now What? by Hector Quiroga, J.D.

    When can insurance companies give you a coverage denial letter? There many reasons why an insurance company can decline to pay your claim. However, there are several things you can do to make sure the insurance company is playing by the rules and making sure they pay as agreed in the policy. Learn how.


  • RV Insurance Questions and Answers by Eriani Doyel

    For those who are buying an RV, you may be wondering about RV insurance. Is it necessary? What kinds of RVs are covered by RV insurance? Is it the same as an extended warranty? Each of these questions is important and you should know the answers before you purchase a new or used RV.


  • The Ultimate Guide To Modified Car Insurance by Chris Rowlands

    For the portion of the population who enjoy modifying and improving their cars, insurance is somewhat of a dreaded subject. There is little in the way of information on this topic so I have endeavoured to provide as much as possible in this article.


  • What In The World Is Kit Car Insurance? by Peter Crump

    If you are fortunate enough to be an owner of a kit car, then you also know that from day one you need kit car insurance. If you¡¯re rebuilding your car, you will need kit car insurance from the first piece that¡¯s shipped in to the last when it¡¯s all assembled and beyond. There are insurance companies that will provide coverage every step of the way when it comes to kit cars. They have tailored made car insurance to cover your every need.


  • Auto Liability Claim - An Outline Of The Process by Hector Quiroga, J.D.

    An auto liability claim occurs when you cause damages or injuries to a third person. Every state in the United States requires you to carry insurance. The insurance that is required by law is liability insurance (some states require Uninsured /Under Insured Motorist Damage, Uninsured/Under Insured Bodily Injury, and Personal Injury Protection). Liability coverage is the "bear bones" coverage. If you carry an auto insurance policy, then you have coverage for an auto liability claim. Note: If you have a car loan, then you are required to carry collision and comprehensive.


  • Texas Auto Insurance Minimum Coverage Requirements by Robert McKnight

    The Texas auto insurance minimum coverage requirements were put in place to make sure that all drivers have some protection if they are involved in an accident. The minimum coverage requirements for auto insurance in TX are legal requirements for everyone who is on the road in that State. Educating yourself about these just makes sense, whether you live in Texas or elsewhere.


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