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Auto Insurance

  • Do You Need 1 Week Car Insurance? by Robert Linley

    As you know car insurance just like any other type of insurance is usually for at least a year or so. You sign a contract and if you decide to cancel with their services you will be penalized with an additional fee. But if you need only 1 week car insurance where do you go to get it?


  • Teenage Car Insurance - How to Bring Those Premiums Down! by Nicholas Vernon

    So you are a new driver or the guardian of a new driver. First off, congratulations, but have you thought about your car insurance? New drivers have been forced to pay high premiums for decades and it has a good reason behind it. New drivers have a much higher chance of hurting themselves or someone else in an accident in their first year of driving. The auto insurance providers know this and set their prices to reflect the risk. But, there are some tricks to lower your new driver's premium.


  • Car Insurance For Women - How to Find the Best Rates by Neal Adam Hamou

    Getting an auto insurance quote is one of a woman's most important personal business decisions. The wrong choice can result in higher than necessary premiums and less coverage than needed. Many factors play into determining premium cost and identical coverage can vary widely between insurance companies.


  • How to Get a Quote From a Car Insurance Company by Daniel W Hall

    This is certainly a very long process. If you want to get a quote from a car insurance company in Miami then you will have to make sure that you follow the process quite carefully. All the car insurance company provide a form online and through this form you will be able to get the quote. I am describing one such form for you.


  • Why Do Auto Insurance Rates Fluctuate? by Ian E. Wright

    Auto insurance rates are funny things. There may come a time when an insurance company will offer you a particular rate, yet offer a friend a completely different one. Many things factor into how insurance rates vary from one individual to another, the different parts of the country, or even one insurance company to another. Before you purchase an auto insurance policy, it is highly recommended that you compare rates between several companies so you get the best rate possible. Of course, comparing insurance prices is a wise idea.


  • How to Find Cheaper Auto Insurance by Felix Fassbinder

    In today's economy, many of us are a lot more concerned about getting cheaper auto insurance instead of wanting all the frills and extras. Many of us are just getting by and are doing the best we can to survive. Knowing how to find cheaper insurance becomes important when your only choices are (1) cheaper insurance or (2) no insurance. No insurance means no transportation. Those willing to risk driving without it face serious consequences if caught.


  • Lowest Car Insurance Strategies and Tactics by Simon JJ Harris

    Getting the lowest car insurance is all about planning. It is best to do this well before you need to find the lowest car insurance. There are two aspects to finding the lowest auto insurance: strategies and tactics. The best way to get the lowest car insurance is to be the sort of person that an insurance company wants to insure. If you are a safe, reliable driver with years of experience and you live in a secure environment and do not make claims then an insurance company will normally offer you a low car insurance premium to insure with them.


  • 6 Considerations When Buying a Caravan Tracking Device by H Robinson

    If your caravan should be stolen, it's vital you get it back as soon as possible, before the thieves have chance to break in and do any damage. Fitting a tracking device will mean that the police are able to locate the caravan and return it to you in record time. However, not all trackers were created equal, so here are some things to look out for...


  • Car Insurance Price - The Five Factors That Drastically Affect Insurance Price by Nicholas Vernon

    If you are in the process of shopping for car insurance, then you may wonder about factors that effect your car insurance cost. Just like any other consumer, you would want to get the cheapest possible car insurance prices. However, in order to get a cheap auto insurance quote, first of all you have to make sure that you understand the factors and criteria that effect car insurance prices.


  • What Do I Tell My Car Insurance Company When My Car's Been Hit by a Bicycle? by Anthony M. Peck

    As drivers we're taught from the early days of driver's ed to be absolutely, positively paranoid of bicyclists out on the highways. We learn their hand signals, what side of the road they're supposed to be on and how much room we need to give them in case they decide to wipe out. What we don't learn is what on earth we're supposed to do when they run into us! What do we say? What do we do? More importantly, what on earth are we supposed to tell our car insurance?


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